The Apprentice: Week Two – From Bangers to Beach Accessories

Following the swift exist of Dan in Week One, who was perhaps a sausage or two short of a fry up, Week Two’s episode of The Apprentice proved to be just as tantilising.

Due to family concerns, the absence of Raleigh led Lord Sugar to place levelheaded city banker Stella at the forefront of the boys team. Lord Sugar’s decision was verified as Stella led team Synergy to success, whilst Apollo’s incompetent project manager, Laura, did little else than make excuses for her lack of decisiveness.

As Synergy consulted with designers over their “Cuuli” cooling towel, Apollo reluctantly agreed on their “Book-eeze” product with a mere ten minutes to spare. Initial concept creator Joanna adamantly ensured everyone was aware of her idea, even when pitching to potential buyers. Error. The consequent schoolyard squabbling supplied illustrious entertainment, right through to the boardroom, where Lord and the Board were less than impressed. In the end it was submissive Joy who was given the finger and sent packing, with ’disruptive’ Joanna warned to make a remarkable recovery by next week…or else! Look out for mouthy Melissa and Princess Paloma’s outbursts during episode three: Bakery.

Steph Nwenwu

The Apprentice: Wednesdays at 9pm, BBC1

Image: Main – BBC/Talkback

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