Varsity Series Report: Swimming

After a pretty good kick off of the Varsity Series 2011, Trent has been on a noticeable high the past couple of weeks, and the memory of  T.R.E.N.T. chants still shake the walls of the Ice Arena.

Sadly it came to a halt today as the University of Nottingham took an impressive win at the swimming varsity and brought the score to 2-1. With a total of 379  points Uni of beat Trent’s 225 points after Trent took only two of the 24 separate competition wins.

After a rough start to the first half, the Trent men took 100m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke, but they were also the only highlights. The Nottingham University swimmers were the better team, but the Trent team showed a lot of spirit and appreciation of the NTU supporters on the sideline.

All in all, a good day at the Notts Uni Pool, even if the results don’t show for it.

The next event of the Charity Varsity Series is rugby union, Sunday 5 March, kick off at 2pm.

Hanne Pollack

Photo: Stefan Ebelewicz

For more photos from the 2011 Varsity Series visit our Flickr photostream by clicking here.

  • Christian

    We always lose swimming. Can bring it back in the Rugby and the Football though!

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Coz we don’t have a swimming pool that’s why!! Rugby and football is gonna be wicked 🙂

  • Andrew Ryan

    Is there not anything for Ice Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Rugby League and Hockey?