Album Review: Order of Voices, Order of Voices

Looking for some dynamic alt-rock to see you through the summer? Have a gander at these guys…

From what I can gather, this five-piece has been quietly crafting this album for some time now, and that care and detail shines through on every track. The vast scope of the album is impressive to say the least. Every aspect feels well balanced and never overdone. The album has everything, from soaring triumphant moments where the dynamic harmonised vocals really stand out, to darker moments where heavy guitars hammer along with the drums and impassioned vocals shout out defiance.

What makes this feat even more staggering is that this is the band’s first release. Admittedly each member has experience with other projects but everything comes together beautifully on this album. The pacing and variety means each track feels fresh and the assortment of tones and musical create a rich and interesting soundscape full of emotion and power. It’s hard to pick a standout track from the album as they all showcase different talents excellently. The intimacy of ‘Then Fall’, with its perfect amount of harmonised vocals, contrasted with the blasting rock styles of the excellent opener ‘For Me’ shows that this is a band that can operate excellently at different ends of the musical spectrums without losing any of their potency.

There’s really not much else I can say about this album short of gushing endlessly about the tiny details that make each track a joy to listen to, the album’s minor faults are completely outweighed by the stunning soundscapes it provides. Order of Voices hit the mark right from the get go with this offering, all I can wonder now is when they will really hit the mainstream and what other stunning music awaits us with their later releases.

Alex Adams

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