Fresher’s FAQ’s

Congratulations on getting into NTU – a brilliant University in a great vibrant city with plenty of shops for you to spend those student loans in, lots of cool bars and clubs to enjoy with your mates and an amazing education which produces the best calibre of individuals; of course that’s true, you wouldn’t have picked it otherwise.

There are a few things that you are probably wondering about when starting at NTU, so here is a little bit of advice for you.

Okay, the biggest question I have heard… Will I make friends?

It’s really scary when you go to Uni on your own, not knowing anyone, but don’t worry, in the first few weeks you’ll make plenty of friends.

 At the start when you enrol, you’ll get given a wrist band which fully pledges you a NTU fresher. This means entry to nights out and of course, recognition, so if you see someone who is just like you, just introduce yourself.  Get on to the Fresher’s Fair, the more societies you join, the more people you’ll get to know. This is a big recommendation because doing this whilst you’re at Uni not only helps you to meet new people it also makes your CV look good.

 This question is one which gives us students a bad reputation… How should I spend my money?

You have just got a good wodge of money in your bank account, remember this is to last you until your next payment! So don’t spend it all at once. If it covers your accommodation and your food, remember you need food and shelter to survive, one of the must haves. Budget yourself, if you go out, take enough to cover you, but not enough so you spend more than you have to. Remember, it’s your responsibility.

A couple more… Will studying be hard?

Studying at Uni is independent and therefore a far cry away from the classrooms in our old schools/colleges. If you have any issues, just arrange a tutorial and the tutors will point you in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and don’t be ashamed to go to the Wednesday learning support sessions to help you improve, that’s what they are there for.

If you’re ever in trouble, where do you go if you need help?

Financial support, health care, career and moral support is always available as part of the Student Union. You have free access to any support you may need. Just pop in or book an appointment and our guys will do their best to sort you out. Don’t ever feel you can’t talk to anyone, this is what they do.


By Victoria Hart

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