Must Visit: A Vintage Obsession

Take a trip to Lace Market and Hockley, and there you will find most of Nottingham’s vintage and second-hand shops. Among them is the latest addition to Goose Gate, ‘A Vintage Obsession’. Owned by Verity, ‘A Vintage Obsession’ is a cut above the rest, stocking designer labels such as Vivienne Westwood, YSL and Chanel. When I went into ‘A Vintage Obsession’ to talk about the boutique, Verity explained that she never bulk buys and quality comes first when sourcing garments and accessories for the shop, so you always know that what you are buying is coming straight from a lady that feels just as passionate about the item as much as you do.

After graduating from Trent’s Fashion Marketing and Communication course, Verity went on to work in Visual Merchandising and then at Boots in their Buying and Marketing department before setting up the boutique. Whilst working at Boots she began to collect most of the fixtures and clothing for her boutique, knowing her dream was one day owning her own vintage shop.

You would be mistaken if you believed that running a small boutique was an easy job, with ten hour days, large costs and long periods dedicated to sourcing the items and launching a website – which will be live within the next couple of months, just in time for the Christmas wish list. Verity has definitely got her work cut out for her, but passion for what she does makes the job worthwhile.

And it’s not just the website that Verity is developing for the boutique, she is also hiring a made-to-measure seamstress who specialises in vintage clothing. So if that beautiful one-of-a-kind vintage dress doesn’t perfectly fit, here you can get it altered or even pick a whole new design and your own unique fabric.

Whilst speaking to Verity, I asked whether she had any advice for students who may be thinking about setting up their own business. She advised to not just leap into the project without thinking or gaining experience first, as she was able to work part-time at Boots whilst setting up her business. Another tip would be to find a niche, with ‘A Vintage Obsession’ being unlike any of the other vintage shops due to its boutique atmosphere offering a small selection of garments. The vintage boutique is more alike a dress agency, accessible to all ages where customers can also rent pieces.

‘A Vintage Obsession’ is definitely a must visit for students and newcomers to Nottingham. It’s a great place where there’s no need to rummage around for the best bag or dress, as everything is beautifully displayed and in great condition. ‘A Vintage Obsession’ sets a high standard for the other vintage shops in Nottingham, where you will definitely receive value for money well spent.

Daisy Simpson

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