Album: ‘State of Mind’ by Zion Train

Four years after releasing their award winning “Live As One” album, dub pioneers Zion Train are back with their new album “State of Mind” which is released this month. Contrary to the slightly trippy album art, the tracks on this disc are simple, atmospheric, and quite frankly, mellow as hell. Perfect for any Dub enthusiast.

At first the opening track “Great Leap Forward” could sound simple. Plain even. But give it a few listens and you will realise just how much there is going on in this track. This ranges from the much expected saxophone, to the random shouts and squeaks in the background. And it all builds together to create not just a song, but a truly chilled atmosphere. And in a way this statement could apply to the whole album. Minimalist, yes, but let’s not forget that this is the style of music they are going for, and they pull it off very well.

The second track “Rainbow Children” features lead vocals from Dubbada, and has a really nice deep bassline that sounds perfect blasting out of any sub. The track makes great use of loops and repeats; giving the track a nice resonant sound.

“Tribute to Shura” is another gem that can be found on this album. This track has a wicked clubby bassline, some great sounding horns as well as a nice synthesised sample of Rolling Stones material. Listen to this track; it’s an instant favourite.

Overall, a strong contender, even compared to it’s Reggae Grammy award winning predecessor.



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