Lewis Hamilton needs to sit down, shut up and take stock.

The tragic events of Sunday night when motorsport lost a true star in Dan Wheldon, make Hamilton’s post race and qualifying sulking seem all the more ridiculous.

No-one can deny his on the track ability. He is possibly the greatest raw talent of his generation. But Lewis Hamilton has a total lack of likeability. His tendency to blame those around him when things go wrong and lack of admission to his guilt in several incidents this year alone are driving fans away from the racer once thought to be the “billion dollar man.”

Taking Monaco as an example, a frustrated and angry Hamilton was involved in two incidents, one of which was a shocking attempted overtake resulting in the retirement of one of his opponents. This ended in a visit to the stewards, his attitude to this was “Maybe it’s because I’m black.” Tongue in cheek or not what a shameful thing for a role model to thousands of young men and women to say.

Hamilton has shown on several occasions then when the going gets tough he doesn’t want to know. Hiding behind excuses about a slower car, the wrong set up, the wrong strategy, even telling his team not to “talk to me whilst I’m racing.” Most would give their right arm to be in his position, yet his manufactured image, having been signed to McLaren since around 1998; seem to give him an arrogance and swagger which make him deeply unattractive to many fans of the sport.

And what has he actually achieved? 1 world title, the same as Jenson Button, who was widely criticised for joining Mclaren this season as many felt he wouldn’t cope with Lewis’ speed or personality. Yet he has shown himself to be every bit as determined and quick a driver this season, and a better human being to boot.

Hamilton has had it put on a plate for him since day one. Now it is time to deliver, no excuses, no whinging and no whining. Because when a sport loses a true hero people need another one to step up to the mark.


Oliver Dickinson



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  • Ally

    The trouble with people like you, is that you can’t wait to get a blow in. Lewis is a phenominal driver and no fan is turning away – his fan base is huge from 2 yr olds to 80+. A certain mixed type large group he brought in would turn off F1, had it not been for Lewis Hamilton. Button won a championship because of the blown diffuser (not ability), we are yet to see him in nailbiting moments that give him some credibility which he lacks. Fair on Button the only thing he appears to have some ability is looking after his tyres, beyond that the talent is nowhere near Lewis Hmilton’s. Button lacks unpredictability strengths, intuitive moves and common sense. Lewis on the other hand can make a slow car work wonders and has given 100% show value. True his head has not been in the right place at times, but Lewis is the real deal and much better that Button on any given day!

  • Stella

    Hey Oliver you shld be the one to shut up!
    You are obviously biased! By asking him to Shut up.

    Blaming those ard him?
    Are u talking abt Massa?

    Am wondering if u really watch F1.
    Do u even know what is True racing?

    Ya just one of d medias that wld not leave him alone.
    By hunting n hurting him, is gona make him better than ever.

  • F1

    What has he achieved? 1 World title? More than you’ve every achieved.Your article is one sided. And saying he’s achieved “1 world title, the same asJenson Button” Yes he has, but Jenson has been in F1 since 2000, while lewis started F1 in 2007. Which meant it took Jenson 9 years to win his first world title.

  • John

    You just hate Lewis mate, he has worked hard for everything he has. Don’t forget he is the first black F1 champ. He nearly became world champ in his rookie season against a double world champ and Kimi at Ferrari at the time, so give him credit for hid boisterous demeanour. Mclaren failed to give him a car to defend his title in the last 3 seasons and he is basically fed up of turning up to drive and hope Red Bull make a mistake or take each other out, or it rains and maybe he gueses the right tyre like Jensen does at times. For Lewis just is not real racing he wants his team to make a competitive car at the start of the season and make correct race and qualifying strategies. And some of the stewards don’t like him personally they think he should feel very lucky to be in F1. Mansell doesn’t miss any chance to criticise Lewis but says nothing when Shumacher or Webber crashes a few times. So with some stewards the only reason they reprimand Lewis seems to be racial and he needed to say that in order to flush such stewards out. Jensen is a decent driver but not in Lewis class, they know it at Mclaren. Ask Alonso he felt it when the car was competitive.

  • chelsea

    this guy is totally biased, yes Lewis has been moody off track and aggressive on track but a lot of the great’s also had these traits when they were frustrated by lack of pace. He’s comments on “maybe it’s cause am black” is a famous Ali G joke and UK fans would have got the reference and laughed but the rest of the media went mad and it got take the wrong way. Yes Button is amazing but Lewis is the faster driver as we’ve seen consistantly in quali, he held he’s own against a much more experienced teammate in Alonso and he got a drivers championship in 3 years of driving F1 which took vettel longer. I,ve met him and he seemed a lovely guy. true fans of F1 will admire him even if he does get it wrong sometimes, is called being human

  • Rob

    I entirely agree with your article. There’s no denying he’s a quality driver as you rightly pointed out, but that doesn’t give him an excuse to be so big-headed and obnoxious. He’s always quick to point the blame at other drivers when it’s nearly always his fault. However, Button’s not much better with his abysmal ‘Head & Shoulders’ ad, what a joke!

  • Bonzo Dog

    One pointed article and the Lewis defenders are out in force… Love him or loathe him, Lewis is presently underperforming. The bare statistics show that Button (a man many thought was in the autumn of his career and going to McLaren to boost his pension fund playing 2nd fiddle to Hamilton) is out-driving him. More than that, Button is making fewer mistakes (his two non-finishes being mechanical failures) and bringing harmony to the team.

    That Hamilton has raw speed is in no doubt. Over a single lap few would argue that – all other things being equal – he has a couple of tenths over Button. However, and it’s a BIG however, a Grand Prix is a race of 60-70laps with technical and strategy considerations to manage – even more so under the present regulations. And this is Hamilton’s undoing. He has the raw speed, but not the intellect to follow that up with. The mistakes seen in the last GPs one would more usually expect to see watching Formula Ford at Snetterton – not at the pinnacle of the sport.

    Joining the F1 fraternity in 2007 Hamilton was riding in on a junior career bank-rolled by McLaren from his pre-pubescent days. He knew how to drive. Of that there is no question. But, was heavily reliant on the testing, development and technical support of his team-mate Alonso. It’s no surprise to learn that in those early days Lewis would simply adopt the set-up of Alonso and use it to match his speed. The problem is this: developing and setting up a car is just as important a skill to a modern F1 driver as being simply fast. Alonso closed the garage doors and come the end of the season had moved on leaving the car he had developed for Lewis to make use of during 2008 as Renault and Ferrari missed the mark with their cars. Lewis (just) took the title but the decline had begun 2009, 2010 and 2011 has shown the chink in his armour. Intellect. Where Button has managed to get the upper hand is not because he’s faster, or because he’s playing a game of politics. It’s because – as a detractor in an earlier post said – Button took 9 years to win the title. 9 years brings knowledge of working with different drivers, different teams and developing dogs to provide him with an off-chance of picking up points. It’s a rite of passage Lewis has never had to face. Lewis arrived – was straight into the best car with the No.1 team.

    I’m not a ‘Lewis Hater’ and think, with coaching, Lewis can grow into a more rounded driver. He needs to pause. Learn how to hone car set-ups that will work on Sundays. Understand how (and why) Jenson makes set-up decisions. And remember at all times that a race is won on lap 70, not lap 1. He can do it. I hope he does. With those skills and knowledge it would mould him into a formidable competitor. Just like Vettel…

  • Mark

    Spot on Oli.
    Jenson’s victory in Canada was awesome & shows he can race & beat the best in the most difficult circumstances.
    Lewis is the most naturally talented driver since Senna, but racing isn’t all about natural ability. It’s about intelect, knowing when to push & how to build a team around you.
    Lewis should have blown Jenson away this year if all the hypre was to be believed.
    But he didn’t, did he? Senna would have. Enough said.

  • Leon

    Lewis sometimes displays unlikeable traits and has a cocky side. All the traits of a champion. Vettel is better at masking his demanding brattish behaviour with an onscreen smile and pleasant character – but by all accounts he is a tyrant behind closed doors.

    I like Lewis, these guys have a different mind-set to you or me. They live to win – and congratulate themselves with alpha responses such as Vettel’s finger and Yelping. It is their profession to be competitive. Button is likeable because the demons inside don’t eat him up inside when he doesn’t finish P1. Not like Lewis. He cannot stand it – this is the mark of a champion.

    Lewis Hamilton is the reason I got interested in F1 – an exciting driver with bags of natural talent. There is no doubt he has made mistakes this year. But also no doubt the stewards are biased against him. Rule changes have conspired against Lewis ever since 2008. All this managing of tyres rubbish is boring. If a driver is good and that go and be a taxi driver. I want to see flat out racing.

    I find it amusing when pundits describe Alonso as “the best all round driver”. Lewis wiped the floor with him in his maiden year – when they both had the same car….. soo….. errrrr…. yeah that makes Alonso better than Lewis. Best all round excluding the ability to beat another driver with the same equipment??

    If things don’t improve next year for Lewis in F1 I can see him leaving for Indy Car, and i wouldn’t blame him.
    That being said he can learn from Vettel and Button to improve relations within his team. He seems offish with them and he needs to change that or change team.

  • Adam

    I love how people say Lewis can’t set up
    A car but Henson is a miracle worker. Everyone remembers jensons achievements but forget his shortcomings. What about Korea 2010 when the only cars to finish behind him were the new teams. Or Hungary 2010 where he just scraped in the points with lacklustre drive with a car was third quickest. What about the only time he beat Lewis from china to Abu dhabi were when Lewis had a mechanical failure or took himself out of the race and the only one where he would have finished ahead on merit was monza. Being outpaced by your team mate 13/14 races sign of a real class act. You say Lewis whines about car setup jenson loves a whinge “couldn’t stop locking fronts, spinning rears I had so much under steer or oversteer”. Such biased journalism it’s ridiculous.

  • Treetop

    The guy splits up with his girlfriend of 4 years, was not over excited in coming second in last race and you are having a go at him you son of a gun !!!

    He is just having a run on bad luck , remember they use to call vettel the crash kid ?