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Style icon Dannii Minogue is a role model to women everywhere. Appearing on many best-dressed lists for Heat, Marie Claire andThe Guardian amongst others, she sure is one you can take advice from when you’re wondering what to wear. You can now find out all her fashion secrets as she has penned her very own style bible, titled Dannii Minogue: My Style.

Attending her book launch in Birmingham, Dannii dazzled us by wearing a dress from her very own label, Project D. After the photographers snapped away, I got a chance to have a chat with her. Here is what she had to say.

Lucia: You must feel great to be able to bring out this book full of all your style tips. What is the most important piece of advice you have written in your book?

Dannii: The most important piece of advice is you must feel comfortable with how you are dressed. No matter who you are or what you look like, if you don’t feel comfortable you wont pull the look off. It’s all about the comfort and that brings confidence.

L: Which part of your book did you enjoy writing the most?

D: In my book, I have gone right into the past of all the fashions and styles I have come across in my time. That was really fun and brought back a lot of memories seeing some of the things I used to wear when particular fashions were out. I could say some of my looks were a little embarrassing but I must of felt good in it at the time as I never wear something I don’t feel comfortable in.

L: Many people see you as a style icon. Who is your style icon?

D: I have many people that inspire me and have mentioned them all in my book. I love Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Elizabeth Taylor. I hope to inspire people like they inspired me.

L: I love the dress you are wearing tonight which is from your Project D label. What is next for Project D?

D: We are hoping to expand the brand and bring out perfumes, shoes and bags as well as clothes. I am so happy with how our label has turned out and want our label to appeal to every woman. I am very excited about the future of Project D.

L: You have attended many red carpet events and celeb parties. What is your advice to somebody if they turned up at a party and was wearing the same dress as you?

D: I strongly believe that everybody should have their own individual style. Even if you were wearing the same dress as somebody else, you should make it your own by styling it differently. Style is a personal thing. To make sure you don’t look the same as somebody else at a party, whether or not you have the same outfit, you need to put your own twist on to the outfit, then it wouldn’t look the same. I also don’t think fashion should be competitive. I grow very tired of constantly having my outfit compared to others. I just wear what I feel good in and that is what I believe everybody should do.

Dannii Minogue: My Style, can be purchased in all major bookstores now.

Lucia Greco

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