Single: ‘When I Was Younger’ by Rizzle Kicks

(Released October 23rd)

Ice, Ice Baby is a song that, most sane music fans, would cringe at if heard anywhere. The Queen sampled rap song involves a white guy in shades and dungarees and packed in some of the most diabolical lyrics in rap, such as; ‘To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal’. At the time though, this guy was the bee’s knees, the most popular rapper in the world, Vanilla Ice. With rap music becoming increasingly ‘gangsta’, misogynistic and beat based, you had to wonder when someone would unleash a more tongue in cheek, possibly less credible, poppier style of rap, upon the mainstream. Enter Rizzle Kicks.

Rizzle Kick’s album is out on Halloween, and after their top 10 smash ‘Down with the Trumpets’, they’re releasing teeny bopper ‘When I Was Younger’. The song, unlike Ice, Ice, Baby, is not sample heavy. It is complimented by a simple, yet effective, brass section and offbeat guitar chords which almost cross it over into ska. The song is definitely radio friendly; the infectious melody will loop in your head for days.

Rizzle Kicks do not write about political issues, which original hip hop was about, however, nor do they write songs like ‘Bitches Ain’t Shit’. The formula is simple, to write lyrics that will appeal to a teenage audience and in cheeky, but not too cheeky way. This may well not be very credible and have a short shelf time but right now, it doesn’t matter. They can write lyrics like: “Yo, wanted to be a fireman, then I lost the desire man,the second I got old enough to buy myself a cider man” and you’ll forgive them for it as its refreshing. Its series 1 of Skins, its 1990 and Vanilla Ice has just come out, it’s Donnie Darko. Its Rizzle Kicks, make sure you enjoy them before they make a sequel, or become as uncool as the Chuckle Brothers.



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