Keep fit this winter!

It is that time of the year again, we’ve all gotten slightly trigger happy with our student loans and polluted our bodies with alcohol and fast food. Not only that but we have wasted money on gym memberships that we have not used! But now we are at that stage where we need to fix up quickly so we can get into our Christmas clothing and look fantastic for Christmas and New Years. How? Is the biggest question, in less than four weeks? Is it possible? The answer is yes it is! Here are a few daily changes you can make that will help you get into that beautiful black dress, or that shirt that is a bit too tight around the beer belly!

Exercising in the winter is generally better as you are using a lot more energy, so you are definitely going to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which in turn has great benefits to your energy levels, your skin, and health.

Running! Get yourself onto a treadmill and run off them extra pounds. As an added tip, cover your stomach with cling film and this will help you loose weight of your stomach quicker. As the heat gets trapped within, causing you to sweat harder.

Or if you fancy the outdoors, then go for a run around the park, or the block.

One main mistake made by many, is dressing too warmly. By being active, your heart beat and body temperature up is high, enough to trick you into thinking that it isn’t as cold as it really is. However when your sweat begins to dry off, you get a chill. In order to fight this you wear layers that can be taken off and put back on according to your body temperature. First layer would preferably be one of a synthetic material as it will draw the sweat away from your body. Followed by wool or fleece as it will trap in heat. Finish with a follow up of waterproof layer that is breathable. Avoid a big jacket as it may cause overheating.

The best form of cardio is interval training however it may be an idea to leave this kind of training for an indoor gym or in the comfort of your home as the constant warming and cooling of your body can leave you with a chill.

If you are like me and you’re not too keen to leave the comfort of the warmth of your house, then:

Skipping! Buy yourself a skipping rope, you get two in one, you’re doing cardio as well as toning your arms, with the motion of throwing the skipping rope round.

There are a few important factors not to forget such as:

Warm up!, it is a known fact that warming up is a must before any form of strenuous activity, however it is more important in the winter as your body temperature will be lower that usual.

Stretching, it is always important to stretch but in this cold winter time it is even more important to prevent any cramps.

Moisturise, the winter brings about dry skin, so remember to moisturise any part of your body that is going to be open to the cold winter’s air, such as your face, hands and lips. The last thing you want is to have chapped lips and dry skin.

Protect your ears, hands and feet, try wear extra thick woolly socks on your feet to prevent frostbite. As for your hands it might be an idea to layer on with a thin pair of gloves followed by a thick pair which can be stripped off as you begin to sweat. Do not forget to cover your ears, as that is where the cold is likely to enter your body and leave you with a cold.

 Drink plenty of water! Most people are under the impression that you only get dehydrated during the times of summer in the scorching heat but that is not so, it is just as easy to get dehydrated during the months of winter, so stay stocked up on fruit and water to avoid dehydration.

And lastly, have fun! Exercise is no fun without you making it interesting, so do what you like doing best. If the idea of running sends you running, then do something like dancing to a fast pace song that get’s you excited. Any form of cardio is good and ten minutes a day is enough to make you look and feel a million bucks! Merry Christmas all, enjoy your fabulous bodies and don’t forget to let your hair down on Christmas day to enjoy all those tasty little treats.

By Meha Patel