On the 5th day of Christmas Platform Film recommended…

Just a week left ‘til Christmas Eve, if you’re still not in the spirit… Elf yourself.

Will-Ferrell plays Buddy, a man raised by elves since the day he accidently hitched a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Due to the fact that being a normal-sized man makes you somewhat of a clumsy giant in the elf-world, Buddy is sent back home to find his real father. The father in question turns out to be Walter Hobbs (James Caan), a modern-day Scrooge who has found his way onto the naughty list, and must learn the true meaning of Christmas. 

Ferrell is not really stretching his acting muscles here, and is instead doing what he does best; acting like a silly man-child in a room full of straight-men. This may sound annoying to some, but proves to be good for more than a few laughs for even the most cynical viewers. You also can’t but side with Buddy, who finds a funny side to all of Hobbs’ attempts at squashing the sunshine and optimism out of him.