TV Review: The Walking Dead

*spoiler alert* If you’ve seen up to episode 7 from season 2, or don’t care about the story being ruined, read on 😀

If you’ve never seen the Walking Dead, get your act together.


The mid-season finale of everyone’s favourite zombie show “The Walking Dead” ended in a spectacular fashion last week leaving fans eagerly awaiting its return in February. 

Though the second season has been criticised for being somewhat of a slow burner, with more in character development than way of plot, the Walking dead writers proved they still have what it takes by sending the episode out with a bang. 

Throughout the seven episode arc our group of survivors lead by former sheriff, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) have been searching for the missing Sophia who was chased into the woods way back in episode one. Since then there’s been no shortage of action with Karl’s near fatal gunshot, a post-apocalyptic baby scare and walkers in the well. Oh yes, and let us not forget about Hershel’s barn full of ravenous zombies. 

Aside from blossoming romance and a little baby drama, one of the most pivotal plot lines this season has been Shane’s transition from jealous lover to obstinate murderer. With redneck Merle still missing in action the show needs a new antagonist and who better to carry the gauntlet than scumbag Shane?

Ever-protective Dale had previously exchanged harsh words with Shane about what kind of man he really is, i.e a bit of a snake. Not content with sacrificing Otis to save his own skin a few weeks ago, Shane decides to up the ante and defy best friend Rick, opening fire on the walkers in the barn Scar Face-style.

This episode, whilst finally giving us an answer to the Sophia saga (she had rather unfortunately turned into a walker – as if we were expecting anything else), left us with a huge cliff-hanger.

Now that the survivors have defied Hershel on his own land and blown his undead family members to smithereens there are sure to be consequences.

Will the survivors remain on the safety of the farm or be unceremoniously evicted into the zombie wasteland? Will the group divide over this?

Will Dale ever get a new hat?

We’ll have a long wait until February 12th to find out.


Lora Somers