X Factor: Time’s up for Misha B

The result show for The X Factor semi-finals began tense, with a silence around the studio and the contestants standing, looking sick and worried about their fate. The credits rolled, the judges sat down (with Tulisa defying the Ofcom rules about her ‘female boss’ tattoo), and it was time to see the first performance of the night. The remaining contestants took to the stage to ‘sing’ Wilson Phillips’ ‘Hold On’, an uplifting number perhaps trying to mimic that they all really are friends, and not at each other throats all the time as the papers say. I still find it disappointing week after week that they mime, as the competition does require singing live as a primary factor. Oh well, at least we can hear what they’d sound like on the radio?

After a brief catch up of what happened Sunday night, the first guest performance of the night went underway, from teen heart-throb Justin Bieber, who performed the seasonal ‘Mistletoe’. The performance was slightly lack-luster, with Bieber wearing a bizarre Thriller-esque jacket that gave the impression that the performance would move into something more upbeat… After Bieber flirted with the female judges, the song ended rather abruptly. Most definitely not the best guest performance, but I assume half the young girls didn’t hear him even singing over their screams.

Up next to perform was the X Factor’s own Kelly Rowland, who has racked up an impressive 5 Grammy awards through her solo career. She begun with a slight monologue about ‘arriving’, and belted out a verse or two of ‘When Love Takes Over’. Credit needs to be given to her more often, as she seems to have been overlooked vocally (which is understandable when you’re always standing next to Beyonce), but the girl can sing. She then proceeded into her current -slightly boring- single ‘Down for Whatever’, flashing her impressive abs in a tight bra and high-waisted shorts. The performance was a definite highlight, and it was also nice to see Tulisa clapping along and whooping her fellow judge.

Then, the moment of truth arrived. The small group of finalists huddled near their mentors. The first act named to go through to the final at Wembly Arena was Little Mix – the first girl group to ever get to this stage in the competition. Second, was the last remaining boy, Marcus Collins, who looked overjoyed. It was then a toss-up between Misha B and Amelia Lily, with Kelly Rowland mouthing ‘Damn’ as she realised she was to lose one of her contestants. It was then revealed that Amelia Lily was through to the final of the X Factor, leaving Misha B holding 4th place. She did not seem surprised, especially as there was no sing off this week, and the audience chanted ‘Misha Misha Misha’ as she praised those who helped her on her journey. She left singing ‘Who You Are’ (which is the third time the song has been sung this year…over-kill), which begun with a self-written rap which does perhaps shed a glimpse at what some of her music may sound like. The judges gave her a standing ovation, with Tulisa even shedding a tear. N’awh.

So, the final three are: Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins, and Little Mix. I have a feeling that the final next Saturday is going to be very exciting indeed.

Louisa Davies – Platform

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