Interview: Matt Cardle chats to us about The Xfactor, Big Brother and his upcoming tour!

Matt Cardle is a very busy man at the moment. His first album ‘letters’ went platinum with 300,000 sales and he is in the process of writing his second. Add this to an upcoming tour which kicks off in March, it’s a wonder he had time to speak to us here at Platform. The interview was rearranged twice, but we eventually got the lovely Essex boy on the end of the phone for a quick chat…

The 2010 Xfactor winner comes to Nottingham on 7th March and tickets are still available by clicking here.

Platform Magazine: Hi Matt!

Matt Cardle: Hi! how are you today?

PM: I’m very well thank you, and you?

MC: Great thanks.

PM: Your first album ‘letters’ platinum, how do you feel about it’s success?

MC: Absolutely over the moon. Just that I had the opportunity to write it, was incredible enough for me. The fact that it’s done as well as its done is just mind blowing.

PM: Why did you take so long to record it?

MC: It just took me a long time to write. I wanted to take my time and make sure it was exactly how I wanted it. Plus when I’m writing it takes a while to get the inspiration.

PM: What can we expect from your second album and when is it due to come out?

MC: With any luck it’ll be out this year. I just want to take the bits that I love about ‘letters’ and make an album that again means a lot to me, very personal but also more raw. I want my rocky material to go even more rocky and the soul stuff just push it even more towards soul. Strip it back more than we had.

PM: Your music is so much different to what’s out there in the charts at the moment; there is so much pop and dance. Do you think this is what the public need and maybe why your album sold so well?

MC: I hope so, I mean there is a lot of pop stuff going and theres a lot of dance music around. Apart from a few acts out there there isn’t a lot of just straight up great music.

PM: Yeh, I agree. Every radio station is the same.

MC: No absolutely. Listen to Radio 2, they play me a lot!

PM: Do you think the X Factor was the right thing for you to do then?

MC: Yeh, Definitely. It’s given me the platform that I needed and it’s given me the break that I’ve been looking for all my life.

PM: Is there anything you regret about X Factor?

MC: Erm..Probably the yellow trousers!

PM: Obviously Frankie Cocozza, who was on X Factor this year took part in Big Brother. Would you ever consider doing a show like that?

MC: No, I don’t think so. I think I’m okay the way I am! I’m more about the music and publicity that comes with that if it’s going well.

PM: Your tour starts in March, what can we expect from this?

MC: It’s just going to be a great show. We’re gonna be playing the album and some surprise covers, and some songs from the show. And maybe some songs that noones heard yet aswell, so it’s gonna be a great show. We’re also going to have a big acoustic section in the middle to give the people who like that side of it a chance to hear it.

PM: Are you looking forward to touring by yourself then?

MC: Yeh absolutely. I can’t wait. It’s going to be pretty special…


Check out his latest single ‘Amazing’…


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