New Release: ‘Two Devils’ by Dog Is Dead

Nottingham’s very own Dog Is Dead are building momentum at a rapid pace. Ahead of their UK tour next month, the band have released their new video for the song, ‘Two Devils’. The song is a haunting, mid-paced track but also brilliantly catchy.

The song begins sounding like something out of Bombay Bicycle Club’s repertoire, but soon evolves into something darker after the introduction. Robert Milton’s anguished vocal drives the verses along, with a marching drum beat the focal point of the rhythm section. The subsequent chorus is an eruption into a crescendo of crashing drums and howled, high pitched vocals in what is without doubt the most memorable part of the song.

If the song itself could best be described as chilling, the video is even more so. It is set in a forest, cutting between the band performing and a ballet dancer being tormented by evil-looking creature. The ballet dancer then appears to have turned into a puppet on strings. The video ends with the ballet dancer walking into the darkness where the evil creature is standing, with a shot of the band fading to black.

‘Two Devils’ is one of the most original tunes Dog Is Dead have put out to date, and could well be the song that gains the band the most recognition they have had to date.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman has done a remix of this song, which despite making the tune more upbeat, does not detract from the haunting vibe radiated by the original.

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