Marni for H&M Collection Review

Everybody is talking about the Marni collection for Swedish high street brand H&M, and why wouldn’t they be? With celebrities such as Drew Barrymore modelling the collection in Hollywood, Launch parties in LA and of course that advert campaign, it has been on every fashionista’s radar for quite some time now… and its finally here. However, just in case you’ve missed what all the hype is about, after all how can one think about the beauty of spring/summer clothes when you’re still wrapping up in your winter coat every time you leave the house? Have no fear, I’m about to fill you in on this must have collection.

Marni is an Italian fashion label founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni. It has achieved widespread success in the fashion world for its statement jewellery and graphic prints, with Vogue magazine stating its style to be ‘European inflected Bohemianism’. Luckily for us students, it has recently become a lot more accessible. As of today, the collection has gone worldwide and is now available in 260 H&M stores across the globe and online, with prices ranging from £9.99 – £149.99. By this afternoon however, almost everything on the website has sold out, leaving fashion buyers across the world waiting on tenterhooks for the collection to come back in stock. Why is this collection so popular? This could be partly attributed to one woman, film director Sofia Coppola.

Not only is she the daughter of famous director Francis Ford Coppola(director of The Godfather) but is also the screen writer of 2003 award winning film Lost In Translation. Sofia claims to have been a fan of the fashion label for a long time and jumped at the opportunity to shoot the campaign film for the H&M collection, which has become famous worldwide, racking up hit after hit on YouTube only hours after it was posted. Shot against the exotic backdrop of Marrakech, Morocco, British actress Imogen Poots seductively models the collection to perfection, making us all not only wish we had the clothes, but that we were her too!

In comparison to the previous collaboration between Versace and H&M, Marni is a relatively unknown brand, yet that didn’t stop the fashion savvy high street shoppers lusting after it. Many queued outside H&M on Oxford Street before the store opened this morning, some even arriving at 4 am!!

This poses the question: are the clothes worth all this fuss? And are they even that affordable? Just like every collection, some items don’t exactly scream ‘designer’, with some rather plain pieces and the feeling that once you’ve seen a few items, you’ve seen them all. However, most of the collection does consist of beautiful tribal dresses, two piece suits, fun and colourful tee-shirts along with a host of elegantly sequinned collars, and all at a reasonable price. While £69.99 for a dress may be expensive for the average student, it is in fact only slightly more than what you would pay in leading high street shops… Is it just me or is Topshop getting increasingly more expensive? At least Marni comes with the designer label attached to the price and perhaps a better quality.

However, have people just gone raving mad for designer/high street collaborations? I can’t help but feel even if they had delivered a dissatisfactory collection it still would have sold out online within hours. Often, too much emphasis can be surrounded on the campaigns, launch parties and celebrity associations with the line, rather than the actual line itself. I think Marni have delivered here, and although you may have to wait until the collection gets back in stock, jump online at to see what you like, then all you need is to save up for that glamorous holiday so you can get out and show them off!

Hannah Byrne