Your Summer Festival Survival Guide

Festivals can be a daunting place when they are unknown territory to you. Where should you camp? What type of tent should you buy? Will there be food? Not everyone has a friend who has been there before, so a survival guide is always the next best thing.

Here are some of Platform’s top tips to ensure you have the best possible festival experience;



Before you go, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a map of the site. This way you can decide where you would ideally like to camp, so as to be close to whatever amenities you feel are most important to you and your group.

Secondly, a tent should be purchased, unless of course, you’re up for the challenge of finding a dry bed to sleep in for 4 nights. An easy mistake to make is to buy a single layered tent; make sure its double otherwise, rain will be dripping on you all weekend.


Here are some essentials that should not be left out of the rucksack;


Baby wipes. These can be used in a multitude of situations, so bulk buy.

Antibacterial hand gel is probably the one thing you can pack that will make you feel as though you’re not ingesting everyone else’s germs every time you feed yourself. Keep in your pocket, at all times.

Deodorant, because showering never really crosses your mind, so you need something to keep you smelling sweet.

Dry shampoo fits in nicely here; a way to keep your hair looking fresher than fresh.

Wellies will be your feet’s saviour. Along with the thick socks you should wear with them to prevent blisters.

Bin bags are an invaluable item. For use as a bin, a chair, a DIY coat, the list is endless…

A humorous hat or comedy sunglasses are a must have for every festival-goer, as is a raincoat. And at least one hoodie to keep you warm when your beer blanket runs out!

Cereal barsbiscuits and stodgy cake; food that won’t go off and that will still taste yummy when it’s been squished in your bag.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep some bottled water in your tent for mornings and when you get back at night, drunk and dehydrated. As alcohol will be expensive on festival sites, take your own cans and spirits (decanted into plastics of course!) for while you’re at your tent.



Festivals are supposed to be a weekend of reckless antics where you meet random people and discover bands that you’ve never heard of. So, take complete advantage of the friendly atmosphere by talking to your neighbours and dancing with the people standing next to you in the crowd at your favourite band.

You never know who you might meet…


Oh and don’t forget the toilet roll. Essential.


Written by Francesca Bonfiglio




Dates for your diary:


Download – 8th-10th June

BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend – 23rd-24th June

T in the Park – 6th-8th July

Wireless Festival – 6th-8th July

NASS Festival – 6th July

Latitude – 12th July

WOMAD – 26th July

Global Gathering – 27th-28th July

The Big Chill – 2nd August

V-Festival – 18th August

Creamfields – 24th August

Reading and Leeds – 24th August

Bestival – 6th September



By Sophie Davis