Decorating your room away from home

Your personal style is not, and should not, just be limited to your wardrobe – let it reflect your personality and your style.

Some top tips…

Less is more

Little additions to your bedroom can make the world of difference and will help make your new surroundings feel more ‘You’. Candles, trinket boxes and wall hangings really can transform your bedroom as well as showing off your personal style.


 Lighting can also make a huge difference and can change the mood of a room really quickly (I was blessed with custard coloured walls this year so this was necessary!). Think clever desk lamps and maybe even cheap fairy lights – IKEA and Wilkinson is brilliant for this kind of stuff.

Be creative

Pick up some string, a few wooden pegs and put up pictures, magazine cut outs – almost like a mood board. Or use your jewellery to dress up your bedroom with hooks and hangers. Evolution (upstairs in Victoria Centre) is also good for cute little vintage style boxes and wall decorations.

Bring your home with you

Photo montages may seem cheesy but are great for when you feel homesick and can bring your walls to life – add tickets, postcards, old receipts and some memories. Use blogs, magazines and pretty much anything to get some inspiration on interesting ways to do this (

Invest in your bed

Your bed is the focal point in your bedroom so as well as making it comfortable make sure to style it up! Use it to inject some colour and pattern into the room which of course you can change up whenever you feel a need for a change. Primark will surprise you with it’s choice of cool sets of bedding and throw pillows.

Priya Sund