Interview: Dog is Dead

Nottingham’s very own and Rescue Room regular’s Dog is Dead are releasing their debut album this Monday. Mark Linsdell caught up with lead singer, Robert Milton, for a low down on their highs, lows and dreadful side projects.

Hi Rob, your debut album ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ is coming out on Monday- are you excited?

I’m tremendously excited. We’ve been waiting for a long time as we’ve been together since we were 16, some of the tracks on the album date back to like 4 or 5 years and some are only a few months old, and I think it tells the story of us growing up.

Why are you called Dog Is Dead? Why not Oh! Henry (Dog is dead’s previous name at aged 13)?

Oh! Henry were one of the worst bands ever. It’s like when the Pixies got better and they said it would be better than the first time, Joss (Guitarist) will say that Oh! Henry will make a comeback and be better than Dog is Dead but don’t believe a word; they were awful.

It was a private joke that got out of hand. We needed a name for the school talent show and used our active imagination and settled on that. We should have changed it really but it means we’re well known, I guess, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

You’re going on tour on October 23rd, what can people expect from your live shows?

Five guys having a really great time. It’s guitar driven and a lot of fun. I believe music should make people happy and hopefully it can move a few people.

What’s been your favourite gig?

Festival season was really special this year. We played to 5,000 people on the festival republic stage at reading and leeds and that was unbelievable. I’ve been going to that festival for the past six to seven years and it was the first time we were on the bill.

Headlining Rock City was pretty amazing too. As a kid growing up in Nottingham you dream of playing there. We personally never expected to so when we did it was amazing.

What are your main influences?

It’s quite an eclectic mix. Me and Joss first wanted to start a band because we both shared a love for grunge bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and so on. I’m now more into my 70’s rock and roll, soul and motown. We all like different stuff though from jazz through to electronic music.

It’s great when you have disagreements over bands that one of you thinks are great and the other one thinks is s**t. A lot of bands are into the same thing and I don’t think that helps you move forward and for the sort of thing we do I think it’s important to challenge each other.

I saw you supporting Dry The River earlier in the year under the vice ‘Zombie Queef’… Will that be a project you’ll look to ensue in the future?

*laughs*… *keeps laughing*… I can’t believe you’ve asked that. Zombie Queef was a complete p**s take.  Trev will probably tell you that Dog Is Dead is the warm up for Zombie Queef, but don’t believe a word, it really was complete s**t.

‘All Our Favourite Stories’ is out on Atlantic Records on Monday.

Mark Linsdell- Music Editor

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