LIVE: Everything Everything @ Rescue Rooms [24/10/12]

Jonathan Higgins (vocals/guitar) looks at the eager faces of the crowd and says something along the lines of “Ahh, Nottingham, I can tell you’re up for it”. This has a tremendous, slightly raucous response from the crowd, and Jonathan’s face glows with excitement and glee.

What a gig it was! Hands down the best gig I have been to in a while. Everything Everything came on stage to whistles and whoops. The crowd were clearly really into them before they’d started to play.

They began with “Suffragette Suffragette”, one of their most well known songs containing the uncertain lyric “who’s gonna sit on your face when I’m gone?” (Or is it fence? The crowd mainly sang face, although its hard to tell!).

They then played “Qwerty Finger” followed by a few sneaky new ones from the coming album – “Kemosabe” and “Don’t Try” – plus a few others.

Jonathan then introduced “Duet” one that he is “very very proud of”. The new songs had some beautiful, haunting melodies, as well as big, punchy beats and riffs.

Jonathan Higgins (vocals/guitar).

Somewhere around the middle of their set we heard the familiar “yeah, so, um, wait a second”. This had a huge response from the crowd, who were belting out the lyrics to “Cough Cough” the new (and 37th in the chart) single.

It was really lovely to see a huge amount of fans singing along to the pacey, tongue twisting lyrics as Jonathan sang. Jonathan is an extremely charismatic vocalist, who really engages with the crowd as he sings, still managing to shout, whistle, yell, roar and use his beautiful falsetto!

One of their influences is The Beatles, this really comes across when the harmonies come in from Alex and Jeremy. Their sound does not have a genre at all, they seem to use bits of everything…hence the name I suppose!

In some ways they are very stylised – their songs have heavy beats, synth-y keyboard, stunning vocals and crunchy harmonies. In other ways they are an extremely spontaneous band that aim to surprise, infatuate, excite and send a chill all the way down your spine.

Onstage, they absolutely own the place. They have so much to give to the music, and seem to play almost for themselves. They get carried away, full of energy, passion, fire and talent. They are an absolute pleasure to listen to live or recorded!

Their new album, Arc, is released in January. I’ve pre-ordered it (possibly slightly too eager?!). However maybe you could just get it when it comes out!

Thankfully, this is definitely not the last you will be hearing of Everything Everything.

Esther Gooch

Written By