Review: Wella Enrich Repairing Mousse

As a girl with a major heat styling and hair dying obsession, I think my hair was just as happy to be reviewing the Wella Enrich Repairing Mousse as I was! The Repairing Mousse is the newest addition to the Enrich range by Wella, It has a lightweight, whipped texture which is described on the bottle to penetrate the hair fiber helping to repair it, leaving hair looking light, airy and silky smooth. It is applied to damp, clean hair and washed out after 5 minutes.

Hair repair treatments and hair oils have really hit the hair market by storm recently, so I felt like this product had alot of competition. However, I felt that unlike some hair repair products it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and heavy.

The mousse was weightless on application and didn’t seem to overload my hair with product. It had a light and floral smell, and once washed out left my hair feeling soft and smooth. It also helped my hair to dry straighter when blow dried which was a bonus for me.

I wouldn’t say that this product necessarily ‘repaired’ my hair, but it definitely left my hair feeling much more nourished and not as straw-like on the ends. However, I feel that if you used the product regularly as part of a routine you would see a noticeable difference in the condition of your hair.

Retailing at around £11 this product is quite pricey for those of us on a student budget! But after shopping around online I discovered you can purchase the mousse for alot less from various websites. This product will leave your dry locks deeply conditioned, and should definitely be tried if you’re as much of a straightener addict as I am!

Rose Johnson

  • Brianna

    Looks like a great product! I’m using a repairing product as well, but it’s not mousse it’s an argan oil from pro naturals, it works really well at moisturising!