Review: Witch BB Cream

We all know by now the buzz we get when a new product is unleashed to the shops. The ‘BB’ cream – short for Blemish or Beauty balm –  has been growing in popularity across the world. The multi-formula cream sprung from the beauty corners of the eastern world and has since taken the cosmetics world by storm with its combining capabilities of priming, moisturizing and concealing uneven skin tone.

The Witch Anti-Blemish BB cream is the newest skincare staple unveiled by Witch following the success of their anti-blemish cosmetics range. It’s creamy consistency meant that application to begin with was smooth, leaving the skin feeling and looking even, unlike some creams that appear clumpy and heavy on the skin.

The subtle toning of the beauty balm makes it similar to that of a tinted moisturizer, but is more advantageous in the way that it hydrates the skin, so can be used as a base for foundation or left alone for natural coverage.

The properties in the Witch BB cream meant that it was great for my skin as it blurred my blemishes and noticeable red marks, leaving me with an almost blank canvas to apply further makeup on to.

Much of the skincare items on sale nowadays contain sun protection factors, so it came as a relief to me that Witch had added UVA and UVB protection to the BB Cream, keeping the skin fully protected from the sun’s damaging rays and free radicals!

Witch states their BB cream is dermatologically tested and ideally suited for those of you with oily skin, me included! I found that this BB cream left me with a dewy fresh finish, but not too matte! So for those of you that may struggle with oily skin, I recommend this particular BB cream if you are looking for light to medium coverage, as it’s moisturising properties will not leave you feeling extra shiny by the end of the day!

Retailing at £6.99, this BB cream is certainly one to try if you have similar skin to me, as it will leave you with a glowing complexion without the effort of caking on heavy foundation! It really is the new staple for any makeup bag!

Tamlyn Priaulx