Clothes Show Live 2012: The Highlights

Clothes show live definitely wins the prize for the most fun and laid back fashion event. It was really refreshing to be in an environment where no-one was taking themselves too seriously, however some stall owners were a tiny weeny bit stressed, but who can blame them.

Grace Woodward and Henry Holland host the Suzuki Fashion Show

The highlight of the day was hands down the Suzuki Fashion Theatre show which was presented by Britain and Ireland’s next top model’s Grace Woodward and Fashion Designer Henry Holland. Although some of the dialogue between the two was a bit cringe-worthy it was easy to get over once the actual show had started.

Many fashion catwalk shows can be boring and intimidating but this show was far from that. There was a fun story line behind it titled “A day in the life of a Fashion Magazine” which could be easily followed.

Within the story line of the show some absolutely amazing outfits were seen on the models and dancers, with some of the clothes being high street brands Topshop, New Look, Bank and Miss Selfridge.

There were more half naked men than you could shake a stick at. It can certainly be said that the female audience members enjoyed the male models flexing their muscles on stage.


The huge finale of the show was certainly the icing on the cake, the dancers took to the stage to perform the hit song “Gangnam style” and funnily some of the models actually tried to join in with the famous dance which just proved once and for all how chilled Clothes Show live is.

North East Worcester College displays graduate designs on the Diet Coke Catwalk

One of my absolute favourites from the diet coke catwalk has to be this white crop top and skirt combo from North East Worcestershire College. I can picture myself wearing the complete outfit on a night out with bare legs and sky high heels.

However with this outfit cleverly being two pieces it is really versatile and can be used to make so many different looks, the crop top could be worn with high waisted trousers or shorts with some high top trainers and you wouldn’t look out of place in a day time setting. The skirt could most certainly be funky office wear if paired with a smart shirt and on trend jacket.

Not only is this whole outfit absolutely to die for, the possibilities with it are endless! Safe to say I badly want this top and skirt.

Another close favourite is this peplum dress from  Burton and South Derbyshire college.

Peplums are bang on trend at the moment, but many I’ve seen aren’t in eye-catching colours unlike this beauty. This dress is so colourful and fun it hurts, the winter months need an outfit like this to brighten up the cold, dark evenings. Again this dress could work brilliantly for office wear if styled correctly but I think it would work even better on some sassy lady strutting her stuff on the dance floor.

Allison Harley

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