Student Secret Santa Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Time to reach deep into your pockets (or if you’re in a similar financial predicament to me – your overdraft) and get started on your Christmas shopping , if you haven’t already.

As well as worrying about what to buy your friends and family, there’s also the annual student flat favourite – Secret Santa.

As I’m sure you have all been told before, coming to uni is all about meeting new and different people… as well as your studies, of course. But it can be hard getting a Christmas present for someone with a completely opposite personality to your own, or, if in first year, whom you met just a couple of months before.

Well, whether you are buying for your stereotypical ‘girly-girl’ or ‘lad’ here are some great gift ideas for you. On a low budget too of course.

The Lads

Buying for a guy can be hard work. So it is always best to first decide what kind of ‘lad’ they are. Are they lazy? Always missing uni to catch-up on their beauty sleep and never chipping in with the flat chores? Do they go out a lot and drink copious amounts of beer? Or do they think they are irresistible to the female eye and are constantly on the lookout for their next victim?

This ‘beermat bar games’ set is the perfect drinking game for any guy who likes to have some fun drinking with his friends before a big night out. A change from the usual ‘Ring of Fire’ and saves any mess of beer all over the table! Win-win if you’re the housemate that cleans!

New Look – £7.99 –

Or if he’s more of a ladies man – or at least likes to think he is at least – why not purchase him a ‘babe magnet’. He’ll be sure to see the funny side as well as hoping it brings them some luck with the ladies.

Gizmo Heaven – £3.49 –


The Girls

The ‘girly-girl’ of the group is often the easiest. If you want to steer clear of the obvious nail varnish, makeup or bath sets though try these super cute and unique light-switch stickers. Agreat gift for that female flatmate who likes to give her room that extra personal touch and get it looking glamorous. These light-switch stickers have great character and will give her something to decorate she probably hadn’t thought of.

River island – £5.00 ––cosmetics/stocking-fillers/Light-switch-stickers-626431

If she’s an animal lover these cute owl hand-warmers will instantly be a hit, as well as being practical in these cold winter months as she can use them to keep her fingers nice and toasty.

River Island – £10.00 ––cosmetics/stocking-fillers/Owl-hand-warmers-625182

If ‘girly’ doesn’t exactly fit your female Secret Santa, but ‘fashionista’ does then they how about a gift to personalise their clothes as oppose to their bedrooms. This really cool and super festive ‘re-do your shoes’ kit could be perfect! For just £6.99 from New Look they can transform the bottom of their heals from boring black to sparkling, with gold glitter stickers to make their shoes seasonal, sparkingl and looking beautiful.

New Look – £6.99 –

Or if sparkle is not her thing perhaps some DIY vintage lace T-shirt transfers to make her clothes unique. Or some gold tone spikes to add to the collar of their shirts or sleeves for added edginess.

T-shirt transfers – River Island – £5.00 ––cosmetics/stocking-fillers/Diy-vintage-lace-t-shirt-transfers-630029

Gold tone spikes – River Island – £6.00 ––cosmetics/stocking-fillers/gold-tone-spikes-625554


 The academic

This periodic table mug is perfectly suited for the more academically driven student than party-goer, who also enjoys a good brew. Whilst making a friendly joke about his studious ways this gift also accompanies their refreshment and caffeine needs which are essential as deadlines approach!

Firebox – £6.99 –


The comedian

So they think they’re the next Jimmy Carr or Peter Kay? Whether its sarcasm or stand-up comedy that’s your joker’s forte, this ‘yo mama’ joke toilet roll is perfect for student living. Because of course, what better time to catch up on your ‘yo mama’ jokes than while on the toilet?

Daft gift shop – £4.99 –


Kelly Taylor