Single Review: Destiny’s Child- Nuclear

It’s quite hard to even believe that it’s been nearly 10 years since the last Destiny’s Child record.

Since then, Beyonce has gone on to rule the world, Kelly Rowland has dabbled in music and been a star judge on the UK version of the X Factor, and Michelle Williams -albeit the quieter member – has had success on Broadway. But, this year, the almighty Destiny’s Child have reunited to grace our eyes with their musical presence once more – releasing a new album later this year and plans to reunite at the Superbowl. Their first offering is single Nuclear.

The trio are rumoured to be reuniting on Sunday night (UK time) at the Superbowl alongside Beyonce

It’s got a strong r&b beat to it, a most definite throwback to the slow and chilled sounds of the nineties. It’s not the fierce comeback that I would have expected, such as sassy Independent Women and Bills Bills Bills, but the laid back feel to the song is pleasant. It is good to have in the background if you’re just hanging out with friends or having a relaxed evening.
The group are famous for tight harmonies and this is no exception. Destiny’s Child are back to having some of the cleanest runs and harmonies around. It’s very smooth and each member is given a verse to themselves (even Michelle) This allows us to remember that it’s not the Beyonce show – they’re a tight trio.

All in all, the track is good. It’s not the ball-breaking, anthem that I would have expected their first single after so long away from the industry but it’s a nostalgic reminder of old school R&B. This could also pave the way for a bigger track to be performed at the Superbowl. Although, I am far too excited to see what their album will bring.


Louisa Davies.

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