Single Review: Kagoule- Monarchy/Mudhole

Kagoule have been making waves around the Nottingham music scene for a while and after creating a buzz at XFM and Radio 1 with their demo Made of Concrete, the grunge three piece are celebrating by releasing their debut single.

The double A side ‘Monarchy/Mudhole’ is now available on a gorgeous limited edition splutter vinyl.

Their youthful frustrations result in a scuzzy stadium grunge in the mould of Smashing Pumpkins but with the raw conviction of bands

Kagoule’s ‘splutter vinyl’ is available at the Music Exchange.

like Fugazi and Black Flag.

However, the 17-year-olds are clever in their song writing. They show restraint and don’t go balls to the wall. Monarchy and Mudhole are both well-crafted and know when less is more which is something even bands like Nirvana didn’t manage on their debut (see the chaotic, for all the wrong reasons, Bleach)

Although the most impressive element to Kagoule’s Corgan style grunge is their lyrics. Despite the directness, Kaguole weave a galaxy of metaphors, for instance, Mudhole’s “you festered here beneath a burning sun” show lyrics way beyond their tender years.

Not quite Terry Pratchett, but their gloomy imagery and youthful exuberance resonate through both tracks and showcase a band with a future much brighter than their lyrics.

Monarchy/Mudhole is out now on Denizon Records.

Mark Linsdell- Music Editor

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