ThirdHandUK: Going the Extra Gigabyte

Have you ever wondered how that old PC gathering dust could be put to better use? Well, a small group of dedicated, Nottingham Trent students may have just the answer. ThirdHandUK, a social enterprise run by Enactus, a non-profit organisation, have made this their sole aim over the past 3 years. The charity provides unwanted desktop computers to aid the development of primary schools in Cape Town, South Africa, under the aptly named ‘Fit 4 IT’ scheme.

Having successfully implemented this project at Prestwich Primary School the charity has since been able to aid the development of education in South Africa through other means. As an example, the charity now provides training in order to educate the teachers themselves, as to how to effectively utilize computers and software, such as Microsoft Office, in order to facilitate learning in schools. It is amazing to think that something so simple, and very much taken for granted in the UK, isn’t always so in countries less fortunate than ours. Unfortunately, this is the reality facing many in countries like South Africa.

Furthermore, ThirdHandUK is now offering a service which allows PC’s to be wiped clean of all data safely and securely. The cost of this service is a mere £25 per computer but is considerably cheaper when applied to more than one PC (£40 for two or £45 for three). As an indication of the value of this offer, KNOWHOW, the technical support service facilitated by PC World price the same service at £30 and fail to offer any discount for multiple PC’s. What better way, then, to put your mind at ease whilst simultaneously providing you with the satisfaction of knowing that your old PC can make such a direct and positive change to a child’s education.

If you’re interested in the fantastic work carried out by ThirdHandUK, there’s a whole host of other ways in which you can make a difference and get involved. Firstly, by simply providing the necessary computer, you are making a huge contribution to the cause. Moreover, the charity is always looking for help with fundraisers and the organizational side of things. Finally, if you feel really passionate about the work the charity does, why not express an interest in becoming a member of this friendly, dedicated team, safe in the knowledge that the work you are doing is changing lives?

If you would like more information on the great work the charity does, Third Hand UK Project Leader Nelly Doudina and the team would be happy to hear from you.


Telephone: 07787191356




Joe Rees-Long

  • Maria

    Great project, well done guys for the job you are doing!