Cute and quirky cafés for a cuppa, cob or cake…

Delicious hidden treasures in and around Nottingham City Centre.

Want to find a new place to fuel your belly at Breakfast time? Look no further, as I run through some of Nottingham’s scrumptious (not-so) greasy spoons.

1. Lee Rosy’s Tea

Nestled in the popular Hockley area, Lee Rosy’s is the number 1 stop for tea-lovers. With an exotic range of tea, you can be sure to lavish your taste buds. Let’s not forget, of course, the range of cakes and sandwiches.

Lee Rosy’s has plenty of quirky snacks, the guacamole and pitta bread happens to be one of my favourite indulgences.

A Lee Rosy’s employee described her workplace as ‘relaxed’ ‘easy-going’ and ‘chilled out’. Full of cosy spots to settle down and crack on with some work, it’s easy to understand why people like to stay at Lee Rosy’s for a good few hours. The mix of people and the regular client base demonstrates how Lee Rosy stands as a lovable hide-out for the people of Nottingham.

2. Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie

For all the sweet-tooths out there, this surprising and sweet-tasting crêperie is ready to cater to your needs. Literally; Aubrey’s employees ensure they cater to varying dietary needs. So for all you with allergies, do not fret – Aubrey’s will have a tasty option for you.

Tucked away inside Nottingham’s West End Arcade, Aubrey’s is an accommodating and specialist little gem. Where else would you want to satisfy your sugar craving?

3. The City Gallery Café

Tucked inside an alley just off Long Row, this place is one to watch. Art exhibition meets ethical, hunger-slaying café, this place is destined for some exciting events and a funky re-vamp.

Although still going through some minor modifications to make this the coolest hang-out in Nottingham, you can, of course, still enjoy their ‘ethically delicious’ food, ‘chillaxed’ atmosphere and exciting artsy events. Caterers Bake o’Clock will keep your tummy smiling and even supply cakes to Lee Rosy’s, Broadway and Contemporary. You can dig into the big selection of vegan and vegetarian food or even treat yourself to an eco-friendly baked goody.
Apologises for making that mouth of yours water even more, but The City Gallery also offers home-made bread, pizza and pasta every morning. Good news if you need an excuse to get up early…

4. The Coffee House

Again, another secret gem. The delightfully decorated hide-away situated in Hurts Yard (just off Upper Parliament Street) offers a range of tea, gourmet coffees and even boasts to be the ‘first and original’ to sell Jamaican Blue Coffee. If this doesn’t draw you in then I am sure the gourmet and vegan cakes will get your taste-buds tempted.

The owner of Coffee House describes the cafe as ‘friendly’ and ‘cosy’. With the warm atmosphere and dietary requirements taken care of, it is definitely a joyful escape from a busy modern life.

5. The Alley Café

With a range of delicious vegetarian treats, this place is high on my personal list. The extensive menu full of mouth-watering food, is not the only reason to get excited about The Alley Café. The selection of organic beers, wine and cocktails make a visit to Alley Café a truly social event. Personally, I enjoy taking advantage of the large outdoor area to sip on a wheat beer during a hot summer’s day.

Alongside an intimate setting and great food and drink, Alley Café also holds various events, such as exhibitions and open-mic nights. Keep a look out, get involved!

6. Jukebox Café

Popular with early-morning builders, this retro wonderland offers a spectacular menu, including heavy fry-ups (possibly the best hangover cure in Nottingham).

A 20 minute stroll from the city-centre, situated in Radford, Jukebox is worth the journey. The impressive vintage interior and Sunday lunches are enough to twist anyone’s arm, but chatting with Jukebox’s very own parrot makes a very quaint breakfast experience. A Jukebox employee described it as ‘funky’ ‘cosy’ and ‘nostalgic’.
Why not take a trip down memory lane, and grab some filling grub while you’re at it.

 7. Fade and The Hard to Find Café

This roomy and beautifully styled café can be found on Mansfield Road. Not only can you take advantage of a very wide-ranging menu that caters for vegetarians and offers wallet-friendly breakfast options – you have a choice from various rooms too.

From the lounge, to the conservatory or the bistro rooms – you will soon find your own favourite spot.

With an awe-inspiring outdoorsy feel, you can also delve into your inner child and challenge a friend to one of the board games kindly available for customer use. My weapon of choice happened to be Connect 4. Needless to say, I kicked ass…

So 7 not-so-deadly places to sin! Which one will you start with?

Laura Buckley