Kids’ Fashion Week – Yes or No?

Forget Cara Delevinge and Jourdan Dunn, and move out of the way Kate Moss, as this month marks the first time kids are taking over the catwalk. The first Global Kids Fashion Week (GKFW) kicked off in London yesterday and lasts two days (19 – 20th March). The children’s luxury apparel site arranged the event, and giving that the tickets to the two-day event sold out so quickly, the event got off to a good start before it had even begun. Stylish celebrity parents and their equally fashion-conscious children were out in abundance at Freemason’s Hall, Covent Garden, to spectate at the world’s first ever kid’s catwalk show, and money was no object. Designers showing included the following:







I took it upon myself to have a quick browse through AlexandAlexa, only to come across a “RALPH LAUREN BEIGE JACKET WITH BEAD DETAILING”, with an entry price of £1,253. Now, I’m all for the impeccably cute kids strutting down the runway and enjoying themselves, but with prices like that, it’s safe to say this is solely a middle-class initiative. However, giving that the UK childrenswear luxury market is estimated to be worth £500 million, (and was marketed as a £6.5 billion industry worldwide in 2011) it seems that there is in fact a large – and growing –  market for such apparel. But regardless to how much mother’s love their children, they’ll soon be growing out of the overpriced garments, will they not?

Jemma and Jodie Kidd attended with their own little ones and stopped for a photo, giving their praise towards the event.


International model, Portia Freeman, also came along with her young son, whom she has modelled with for Italian Vogue before. Speaking prior to the event, she said: ‘I’m super excited because I love childrenswear, I am obsessed so I am just here to enjoy it. ’I think it’s important to celebrate children’s fashion to show everybody just how amazing it is and women and men all around the world wear amazing clothes so it’s really important that children can too.’

However, much to not only just Freeman’s dismay, but the rest of the audience’s, young Romeo Beckham did not make an appearance. After the success of his Burberry campaign, it is no wonder this event was launched. And giving that all profits from the event will go to Kids Company, London Kids Fashon Week’s charity partner, who can complain?




Charlotte Cain