The Truth Behind Fad Diets

We’ve all read a hundred articles on dieting; each one contradicts the next.  So how do we know which diets are fad and which are fact?

For starters, you should be aware that the Internet contains a ton of false information, often written by manufacturers in order to sell their product. Here are a few simple rules on dissecting the truth behind diets:

Never cut out a whole food group such as carbohydrates. Your body needs a balanced diet.


If a diet tells you to cut the carbs, forget it. It is important to understand the type of carbohydrates you should be eating. The drunken Dominos are not doing anything for your waistline or your health. We should be eating unrefined carbohydrates, these include: oats, sweet potatoes, bran, rye and brown rice. These have a lower Glycemic Index (GI), meaning they are released at a much slower rate and keep you satisfied for longer.

Refined carbohydrates, (the nasties) consist of bread, pasta, white rice, white flour, cakes, biscuits and muffins. Refined carbohydrates have a higher GI, they are released faster, and so you become hungry quicker.


Similarly to carbohydrates, sugar is essential in the diet, but it is important to understand what type of sugar we should be consuming. Natural sugars provided in fruits and vegetables are the sugars our body needs; they are known as intrinsic sugars. Refined sugars, which fall into the extrinsic sugar category are the ones which lead to increased weight gain and health related diseases. These are the sugars we consume from processed foods. They are often provided in high quantities, making it hard for the body to fully utilize thus they are stored as fat.


Your body needs solid food to sustain metabolism and digestion. A liquid diet is dangerous to sustain due to inadequate calories and nutrition – they leave you feeling tired, weak and a lack of energy. Despite liquid diets having fast weight loss results, we are unable to keep this weight off when it is lost quickly, and as a result of deprivation of calories.

Keep hydrated to avoid mistaking thirst for hunger.


Be aware that often when you are ‘hungry’, you are either simply bored or thirsty. Staying hydrated means that you will not misinterpret your body’s indications which leads to increased weight gain. A piece of advice is to carry around a bottle of water; you are more likely to drink it, if you have it with you.


So many diets now are pure money making schemes, this means that they provide you with products to buy and meetings to attend. Whether or not you sign up to diets such as, ‘Weight Watchers’ or ‘Slimming World’, if you are trying to lose weight more often than not you have bought or considered buying their products at the supermarket because you think it is healthier. In reality often these products are pumped full of so many artificial chemicals. Next time you see one of these products look at the length of the ingredients, I guarantee you will feel violated. Be aware you are buying into the marketing behind these products as it portrays a weight loss image. Surprisingly, Belgian chocolate cake and double chocolate chip cookies are not going to make you lose weight just because they have the words ‘Weight Watchers’ on them.

There you have a few tips to be aware of when reading the latest diet craze.  The key to losing weight lies in the following sentence. Eat healthy meals, prevent snacking and exercise at least 3 times a week. Finally if you are on a diet…. STAY MOTIVATED, DON’T GIVE IN AND GOOD LUCK.

Jenna Hope 

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