Bone Marrow Donation: Could you be a match?

The Anthony Nolan Trust’s stem cell register matches donors to people who need a life saving transplant. In response to a lack of sufficient donors, recruitment events are being held at NTU to provide information about the donation process, to answer people’s questions and offer students the opportunity to sign up on the spot.

Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer charity, have launched Reach the Six, a new campaign aiming to recruit 3,000 Asian bone marrow donors by the end of May.

Reach the Six focuses on the 6% of the UK population who are Asian, calling on them to join the bone marrow register. Asian people are underrepresented on the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register, but for an Asian person with blood cancer, a bone marrow transplant from an Asian donor could be their only chance of survival.

To target the 3,000 who can make a lifesaving difference, Anthony Nolan are holding 60 recruitment events in the South Asian community. To join the register at these events, which will  take place at universities, colleges, schools, gurdwaras and mandirs, new donors simply need to fill in a short form and provide a saliva sample. 90% of the time, donating bone marrow simply involves a process very similar to giving blood.

Manzoor Hussain, whose daughter Aneesa has Aplastic Anaemia and a bone marrow transplant is her last chance of survival, said, ‘Being a father of a bright, bubbly, outgoing and healthy 18 year old girl has enough of its stresses and strains, but its great!  To then find suddenly that she has a life threatening illness is devastating.  Your optimism grows when you hear that a bone marrow transplant can save her but shrinks again when you hear that she only has a 40% chance of being matched due to there not being enough Asian donors. I urge everybody to join the Anthony Nolan register to increase the chances of saving more lives.’

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You can find the recruitment stations here:

Tuesday 23rd April
City Campus- Ground Floor, Newton Building

Thursday 25th April
Clifton Campus-George Elliot building Foyer


It is estimated that every 20 minutes, someone in the UK is told they have blood cancer. Although matches are made daily, many patients never get a matching donor due to shortages. At the moment, Anthony Nolan need to increase the number of Asian donors on their register. People aged 16–30 are eligible to join.

The steps to signing up start with attending the event, where they provide the form to fill out and collect a saliva sample. After registering, the person is only asked to donate if they are found to be a match to someone that is in need of bone marrow. The charity says that overall it is an easy process:


“Donating is a piece of cake too. In fact, for 90% of donors it involves a process similar to giving blood.” – The Anthony Nolan Trust