Trent SU: Your ‘Old Byron’ Memories

As excitement builds for the new Nottingham Trent Students’ Union building on city campus, Platform, Fly FM and Trent TV have been asking current students and NTU graduates for their favourite memories from the iconic ‘OId Byron’.

Taking to Twitter, we got you to send us your favourites memories of the old SU building with the hashtag #NewTrentSU, and here’s the best:


Alex Griffiths – @AGriffithsMedia
Going in for a breakfast on a Thursday but ending up staying in there all day because it was quid pints with @TomWatts_ #NewTrentSU

Kate Willcox – @NTSUvpSERVICES
Quids in on a Thursday and main room in climax #funtimes

Amy – @AmyHals
SU breakfasts and sports committee meetings in ‘the dungeon’ #NewTrentSU

Prudence Bowley – @NTSUvpSPORTS
Probably lunch every day and Thursday hangover breakfasts!!

Christian Baker – @ChristianBaker0
The Vodka Red Bull bar and waking up the next morning not knowing what went on. Stunning.

Ben Jones – @bj877
Everyone slipping down the stairs to the toilets and dance floors

Rochelle Bisson – @rochellebalboa
Staying in the sports hall room until security literally had to kick us out every Saturday night at Climax! #NewTrentSU

Liz McCluskey – @ntsu_activities
MR MOTIVATOR night!!! amaaaazing!

Julie McAuley – @Julie_McAuley
Guy in Borat mankini being chased by security but was all oily/sweaty so he kept slipping out of their hands

Ella – @EllaHoskins
Nothing beat a messy crazy night in the old su with @JaimeLouise_ #oldscool #schoolhall #bestnightsattrent

Jo Southwell-Sander – @NTSUvpEDUCATION
Pre-training munch on a Thursday!! #nomnom!

Emma Jones – @emmacljones
£1 snakebites and the fact that climax was basically held in a sports hall. Tacky but loveable! #newtrentsu

Aimee ‘Archie’ Lyons – @ArchieLyons
The fry-ups!!!!

Jonny Ellison – @NTSU_President
The Vodka Red Bull Bar…which ironically lead to a total loss of memory on most nights.

Matt Geer – @djpremz
Climax in its official home! Giving blood 3 in Byron and a very hot, cramped Fly studio!

Julie McAuley – @Julie_McAuley
Dancing in the upstairs r ‘n’ b room and everyone dancing like crazy – great atmosphere #NewtrentSU

Rochelle Bisson – @rochellebalboa
The sticky floors at Climax- lost many a shoe in that place. #NewTrentSu


What are your favourite memories? Got a story you want to tell us. Tweet us @PlatformOnline, @FlyFM_News or @Trent_TV with #NewTrentSU.

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