Forget the LBD – it’s all about the MWD

There are many important decisions to be made during your time at university. Do I go out tonight? Is it okay to have a pint before midday? But, one that is arguably the most difficult is the decision whether to buy that new dress you’ve had your eye on.

Because, deep down, you know that money is meant for your food shop and buying that dress will mean living off that dodgy bag of chips at the back of the freezer.

But one company are looking to solve this dilemma. have launched a dress that costs just £3.89 – one hour’s minimum wage for under-18s. Affordable for everyone, so it would seem. But, will the minimum wage dress (MWD) ever over take the fashion-staple that is the LBD?

Online retailer launched the dress, which is made in Leicester, with the hope of appealing to teenagers on a budget. Available in four colours – neon green, pink, black and white – wanted to create something to combat the apparent fear modern teenagers have of being tagged in pictures wearing the same outfit.

Rebecca Ferris, Creative Director of, said: “We were becoming increasingly aware of the impact of social media, specifically photo tagging, and the affect it was having on our customer’s shopping habits. The increase in social media presence has led to women feeling insecure about wearing the same dress over and over again.

They fear showing up on their friends’ feeds in the same outfit that they’ve already been seen in, so prefer to buy cheaper styles that they don’t mind wearing as little as two to three times”

So, it all sounds lovely doesn’t it? Especially lovely if you are reaching the dreaded overdraft limit, with the added bonus of no awkward Facebook pictures of the same outfit twice in a week. There seems to be only one problem – postage. While the price of the dress is undeniably appealing, standard postage from is £2.95.

While that doesn’t seem like a lot, when added to the price of the dress, you are spending over a fiver. It’s a price tag that isn’t going to bankrupt you, but doesn’t it defeat the point of the MWD?

Ms Ferris seems to think not. She said: “The postage is a standard procedure across all retailers and is a one off charge – if people purchased multiple items then the saving would have been greater. We often have promotions running where customers can get free delivery and/or discount. We are always aiming to give our customers something back for their loyalty.”

Whatever you feel about the MWD there is one thing going for it – it’s British. And homemade British fashion is something we should be proud of.

Ms Ferris added: “A lot of our competitors seek cheaper manufacturing alternatives overseas but we wanted to show that it is possible to work with British manufactures and still achieve affordable quality fashion.”

Out with the LBD and in with the MWD? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Rebecca Burnage