How To Get Ahead Next Year And Still Have A Fun Summer!

Whilst the weather is nice and the sun is shining, the last thing on all our minds is preparing for all the hard work the next year of university will bring. After working so hard this year we all know we deserve a break, essays were hard, and exams were even harder.  But why not take away some of the pressure for next year by doing a little bit of work alongside your play.  Here is some summer survival tips to make sure you can have the summer of fun, whilst taking some of the work load off for next year so the party can continue!

Check your reading lists- Whether you are sunbathing by the pool, or sat under a tree at your local park, you could all be using this peaceful opportunity to break into those meaty reading lists we have for next year. In most cases you will probably end up really enjoying the book you are reading, and at the same time gaining a better understanding of what you will be studying next year. All the reading lists should be available on NOW, but if you can’t find yours email your module leader and I am sure they will have one prepared.

Your reading list may look boring and never ending but being prepared over summer will make it easier for you next year.

Get to grips with your dissertation- This only applies to us going into our third years. The scariest thing about getting back to university in October will be looking around at all your friends and course mates, only  to find that they all have elaborate plans for their dissertation, whereas you are sat there empty handed, with absolutely no idea what you are going to do. You definitely do not want to be THAT guy. I think aiming to get back to university with a topic and a little research, having a firm plan so that you can crack on with your writing when you return would be ideal.

Double check your module structures-How many essays am I doing this year? How much coursework? Am I doing many exams? Have a flip through your module booklet and have a look at your work load for the coming year. This could help you plan ahead and work out how you are going to distribute your spare time to get all the work done over all your modules, whilst having enough time to enjoy your time doing the fun things we like to do as students.

Pens and Paper- Another, maybe slightly more enjoyable task (if you are a huge girl like me and love a bit of stationary) is buying all your writing equipment for next year. I know by the end of last year I spent the last ten minutes of my morning desperately hunting for a pen amongst my towering pile of notes and books. And again, you do not want to be THAT guy that asks everyone around them for a pen and a scrap of paper to write lecture notes on. So head down to Paperchase or Smiths and buy plenty of expensive stationery that you are definitely taking to your lectures because you want to get your money’s worth! 

I can’t stress enough that for some of us, this is our last summer of freedom, and I want every minute to count. Have all sorts of fun and make some amazing memories. But do yourselves all a favour and do a little bit of work too. Just a bit.

Jade Hillier