A/W Essentials For Less

The cold windy days are creeping up on us in abundance which means one thing – you need to stock up on some chilly weather essentials. Although it’s tempting to splurge with your student loan, it’s important to keep your purse zipped because most of us can’t be spending money like it’s nobody’s business on a student budget. A/W fashion doesn’t have to be dull and dreary like the weather, there are some great affordable yet fashionable pieces which will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

The biggest staple without a doubt is a warm cosy coat and you can’t go wrong with a parka. Easy to wear, extremely versatile and nice and warm – what more could you want, eh? With countless versions knocking about on the high street, you can pick one up whatever your budget. If it’s minimal spending you’re going for then have a browse in New Look and bag yourself a bargain for under £50. Unfortunately you do have to pay for warmth, but if you utilise your student discount and think about how many months it will last, it’ll seem all the more reasonable.

Living in England means we can never guarantee what weather we’re going to experience as the seasons are slowly but surely slipping away from us. Who knew it could be sunny in October? If you’re not a fan of getting wet and cold feet then a pair of sturdy boots will be your best friend over the next few months.

If you’re willing to go back to basics and stick with simple, then there are some great plain black Chelsea boots in Asda (George) for £16. With a price tag as little as that it’ll be hard to walk away without them. Obviously if they’re that cheap you’d be silly not to get them in both colours, right? If you do want something a little more special then make the most of your student discount. Topshop have some great cut-out offerings for around the £45 mark. You can have faith that they’re going to last a long while and if you divide the price by the amount of times you’ll wear them, it’ll make the sting less painful.

Now you have the two main components of A/W wear, why not spice it up and cosy it up at the same time with some furry friends. By that I mean a hat, scarf and gloves. There are so many to choose from so it really depends on personal taste. If you want to opt for cheap and cheerful then Primark is your go-to shop. H&M and New Look offer some great middle price range options while Topshop is the place if you’re willing to sacrifice pennies for pretty.

When the weather is looking a little uninviting outside, at least you’ll have your essentials to keep you as cosy as possible. If that still doesn’t do the trick and warm you up, then a tea break at Starbucks should.


Nicole Cottrell