Fun Things You Must Do In Your Final Year

If you’re in your last year of university, and panicking at the thought of leaving your student lifestyle of daytime naps behind for the harsh and cold real world, fear not! These tips will show you how to make the year really count, cross a few things off the student bucket list and ensure you have enough memories of these carefree, halcyon days to get you through even the dullest working day.

Go to lectures in your PJs
If you’ve got to go, why not be comfortable? Dare you turn up to a 9am lecture in you PJ’s and dressing gown? (now that we think about it, dare you dress up formally to go out for a kebab?)

Try Come Dine with Me with other student flats
Any excuse for dressing up. Plus you get to treat your mates to your masterful execution of pasta and beans…

Make a statue out of your drinks cans
 You’ve collected them, so you may as well show off your artistic talents.

Party like a fresher several times during 3rd year and blow off some steam!

Go to an SU night you’ve not been to before
This is often where is starts for many – you know where the SU is, it’s relatively cheap and pretty much everyone else is going to be there. So why not relive those heady first days of independence and make like a Fresher at an SU night you’ve not been to before?  And on a related note…

Give up drinking (once or twice)
Often said with your head in the toilet bowl. Shame on you.

Watch the sunrise

Whether you get up early, or stay up all night, take time to appreciate the sunrise over your university’s city – it’s likely you won’t have time for this when deadlines kick in.

Become a culture vulture
Visit museums, galleries or the cinema  during the day when it’s quieter (yes, we think the summer blockbuster counts as culture). Do all the touristy things you can in your university’s city, when you’re working you won’t have the time or the freedom to do this.

Be influenced by Joey’s cardboard box fort and build your own on a rainy day!

Do something childish – just because you can
Go on a ghost walk. Have an epic picnic on university green space. Make a fort out of everyone’s bedding. Because, why not?

Play a prank on one of your flatmates
Yes, its childish but it’s unlikely this behaviour will make you popular with your bosses in the workplace – so you may as well do it whilst you can  get away with it.

Find your favourite local all-you-can-eat buffet and do exactly that…
Then go home, lie on the sofa and watch daytime T.V.


Joanne Dernie

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