Healthy Food Choices You Can Make Today

It is very hard to eat healthy food at University, especially when it is more expensive and all you want is a quick and easy meal before you go out or when you’re hung-over. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult and if you find you are regularly reaching for the take out menu, there are some simple tasty things you can do to amend your diet.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato – tastier than chips and healthier too!

If you find that you eat a lot of chips then give sweet potato fries a try, they are an amazing alternative.  They are very simple to make and effectively go with every meal chips would! Sweet Potatoes contain a high amount of vitamin c and more than your daily amount of vitamin A, both of which help to keep your skin clear and fresh, whilst being a lot less fattening than ordinary potato chips and just as filling. So, try slicing a sweet potato adding some olive oil and cinnamon and place them in the oven for 15-20 minutes, they are delicious.

Make Your Own Pasta Sauce

Pasta is basically every student’s staple food, it’s cheap and quick to make. However, all of these jarred pasta sauces contain a lot of saturated fat and high sugar content. So, why not make your own sauce? Yes it will take a little more time but, all it takes is chopped tomatoes (which count towards your five a day), onion and garlic all of which are simple and cheap ingredients that last a long while. Also If you make yourself a huge batch you’re sorted for the week.


Avocado is a great alternative to mayonnaise, if you mash it up (maybe add some lime) it tastes great with chicken and tuna especially in sandwiches and wraps. Avocado is also a good substitute to as a part from tasting delicious, it has plenty of health benefits, and they are full of nutrients which can actually help with weight loss because they slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body.

Choose Wholegrain 

Try your favourite sandwich on wholegrain bread for a healthier alternative.

One straightforward thing you can do to be healthier is to pick wholegrain carbohydrates, for example, wholegrain bread over white bread. Wholegrain foods contains a lot more nutrients such as vitamin E and fibre whereas, white pasta and bread contain more sugar and are harder for the body to break down. They taste just as good and they are the same price, that’s a small change that can really affect your diet!

It may seem cliché but honestly water is essential if you want to be healthier. Drinking 1-2 litres today will help clear your skin, keep you hydrated making you feel less tired and also aid weight loss. Another reason to drink water is that it will aid you hangover as usually hang overs are usually are sign of dehydration.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge at university, there a lot of things you can try without having to completely alter your diet, healthier foods may take a little more time and preparation but, they are definitely worth it in the end.


Holly Whiting

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