Coffee House Session Installment: 15/11/13

On Friday it was time for NTSU to welcome the latest artists of Radio 1’s Coffee House Sessions tour.  As this was the 3rd installment of the tour at NTU, it was good to see a slightly fuller crowd to support the acts for this session.

Opening the session was Ellie Rose, an 18 year old London girl, who has recently completed her A-Levels and been granted permission to go ahead and fulfill her passion for music full time. Ellie Rose’s sound was acoustic, bouncy and upbeat with her unique voice and great guitar playing filling the room with a great atmosphere. She worked the crowd and filled her set with anecdotes, one of Ellie Rose’s songs even being a nod to a member of a well-known boy band and her past with him.

Next up was the amazing Stephanie Fraser. From Blackpool, Stephanie has just completed her second year at the Leeds College of music but has spent her summer touring with artists such as up and coming Radio 1 favourite Josh Record. Stephanie’s music has a folk, indie vibe making incredibly easy listening but her vocals holding your attention on every note. The intensity of her performance held the crowd in a different way.

The next Coffee House Session will take place on 29th November at 3pm on The Landing in the city SU.

After the set I got the opportunity with TrentTV to speak to artists.

Ellie Rose:

What has been the highlight of your year?
‘Well I finished my A-Levels and got granted permission by my parents to pursue music full time which is what I really wanna do, so that was pretty cool’

What did you study?
‘I did English, Philosophy and Music, but on the day of my Philosophy exam I decided to write a song instead of attending my exam, so I have English and Music’

What is it like going into the industry on your own when you are still so young?
‘I don’t know, I don’t really think about age very much, I recently turned 18 which is good because I can actually get into the venues I’m playing, but other than that I’ve never really thought of age as anything, I’ve always just rolled with it’


Stephanie Fraser:

How has the tour been for you so far?
‘It’s been really good. Busy, but really good. We had a few shows cancelled yesterday due to an accident but apart from that its all be pretty much plain sailing, it’s exciting now I’m not longer a student to come back and play to my lot again’

Who are you currently listening to?


‘I listen to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash, but I for the tour on the road I’ve been listening to a lot of Half Moon Run, a lot of City and Color that kind of stuff’

Who would be your favourite person to work with?
‘Dallas Green, he’s like my hero’

Mel Brooks

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