Interview: Peter Spowage

Nestled between the designer shops and high end jewelry shops of Nottingham’s lace market, lies an independent art gallery with a difference. For years Peter Spowage, of P.Spowage Gallery has produced hundreds of works of art in the gallery itself. Its cosy interior is littered with paintbrushes, half-finished paintings and creative materials. The result is a gallery that offers not only a wide variety of thought-provoking  images at very reasonable prices, but also a sense of intimacy with the artist himself that is unavailable in the futuristic, shiny floored complexes that constitute the ‘high art’ equivalent. You can literally watch a piece of Art being created from scratch, and Peter himself is in most days doing what he loves, and it was on such a day that Platform managed to catch up with him.

Platform: Would you be able to start off by telling us a little bit about what the P.Spowage Art Gallery has to offer?

Peter: It’s a local Nottingham based Gallery that offers Original paintings and sculptures from myself and other local artists. We also do commissions, and all of the paintings are painted in the gallery itself. It is an important part of our experience that the public can see or experience an artist painting.

Platform: So you paint all of these yourself? 

Peter: Mostly! If there is any other work in here from other Artists they will be local and will have painted it here.

Platform: How did you get it started, and what was your motivation?

Peter: Well, I chose a location that was full of footfall. I then discovered this building, which was once offices but was sitting empty with no one wanting to rent it. This meant that I managed to get the rent nice and cheap! As for my motivation, I guess you could say that what drove me to be an artist was wanting to be known and loved. And of course, being self-employed with no boss also seemed like a massive bonus!

Platform: What styles of painting you are most driven to use most and why?

Peter: I’m an eclectic artist, which means that I constantly have ideas pouring into my head and don’t want to let any of them pass me by. I guess id explain it as if I was a fisherman, I wouldn’t just trawl cod, I’d take a little of each. By that I mean that doing too much of any one thing becomes repetitive, im always trying out new techniques and ideas. Also, the public like a large variety of Art, so I try to give them that.

Platform: What is the major concern of your work? Are there any reoccurring themes that you use throughout?

Peter: People, Love, couples and nature are all things that I am interested in and that my work is concerned with. I also think that much of my work, and most people’s understanding of it, can be split into two categories. The first is Abstract, much of my work is entirely from the imagination and has little relation to the real world. The second is something called Parklife, by which I mean putting a little bit of yourself into the painting. So while many of my paintings are completely abstract, there are also many that are very personal to me.

Platform: What advice would you give to any aspiring young artists that may be reading this?

Peter: Follow your dreams to the end! Listen to positive people! And perhaps most importantly, never give up!

Platform: What does the future hold for P.Spowage art gallery? Where does your work go from here?

Peter: My main concept for P.Spowage is to give back what I’ve been given, and therefore I’m compelled to share.  To help other artists in any way I can is my little gift, and of course to spread joy in the best way I can!


Peter was talking to Ciaran Dermott. 

P. Spowage art gallery is at 2 Byard Lane, Nottingham, NG1 2GJ. To find out more go to