Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth This Evening

After your long day at uni and horrible journey home in the cold you want  a sweet treat to go with tonight’s 90 minute special of I’m a Celebrity but one that won’t ruin your healthy week. Well, we have just the dessert for you.

This dessert will banish any sugar cravings you may have as well as tasting delicious. Especially as it tastes so good you may think it’s calorific. Wrong. This take on an Eton Mess totals at just under 200 calories, takes ten minutes to make and is cheap to buy.


Meringue Nests 59cals each – 6 for £1
Strawberries 30cals for 100g – £2
Single Cream 56cals per tbspn – £1.79


1.Place meringue nests in a bowl and mash them up.
2. Cut some strawberries up and chuck on top of the meringue nests.
3. Pour single cream (or whipped cream if you prefer) over the strawberries and meringue nests (this also works well with yoghurt).
4. Voila your dessert is done.
5. Sit back and enjoy.



Sophie Colquhoun

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