What’s in Your Pocket?


What’s in Your Pocket? is where I’ll be asking Trent students, what is their phone in their pocket, and what they mainly use on it.

This week, it’s Fran Cator, who’s currently in second year studying Media:

What phone do you have?

HTC Wildfire S

What made you choose this phone?

It was a fairly cheap but decent smart phone that does what it does well.

What’s the three apps you always use the most?

 WhatsApp (App StoreGoogle Play) ,

Facebook (App StoreGoogle Play) ,

YouTube. (App StoreGoogle Play)





What are you hoping to upgrade to next?

iPhone 4S or 5, whatever is free on contract when my contract ends next year.

Finally, what’s the song you have on your phone that’s a guilty pleasure?

Little Things by One Direction, very guilty I’m afraid!

Daryl Baxter.

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