RAG Party Bus!

Dead on 9pm students started arriving at the SU for the partybus, by the time the bus arrived everyone was chanting and ready to go!

We hit the road just before 10 and by the time we had our first pit stop at the services our throats were already hoarse from yelling TRENT ARMY.

There were quite a few freshers on the bus and they seemed to think they could go harder than the second and third years, we soon proved them wrong as the chants became more and more ridiculous. Tequila flowing the bus set off again and we reached Leeds within an hour (including one more pit stop for food).

Once there though it quickly became apparent our bus driver was not familiar at all with the one way systems of the city centre, we directed him as close as we could to the SU and managed to get there without getting lost! Everyone piled off the bus and we went straight inside and down into the club.

Their DJ seemed to have a fetish for show tunes and the 90’s, however as anyone who has ever been in the cheesy room in Oceana knows this is perfectly acceptable and for the first hour. We all danced to Lion King and then ­­­­­Mr Brightside. At about 1am ish this slowly changed to house music (with the odd cheesy track thrown in for good measure) and the Trent Army regrouped on the dance floor to show Leeds what ‘go hard or go home’ really means.

Unfortunately though this could not last and as the clock chimed 2.45am we all marched out of the SU and back onto the bus, it is safe to say that not one person wanted to leave. Worn out from the partying the top half of the double decker slowly dozed off.  The bottom of the bus carried on singing all the way home, even Baywatch had its due however everyone kept their clothes on!

We drove straight back and arrived in Nottingham outside chucky chicken at 4am, but to our dismay both Chunky Chicken and Trent Kebabs had closed, after a promise to meet up soon everyone wandered home to bed, quite a few of us were still chanting away!


Heather Eakin.


The RaG party bus was on Friday 22 November, and there next event will be the Santa Fun Run during the last week of term.  Find out more about RaG via there facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrentRAG/


Check out the party bus photo’s here: https://www.facebook.com/heather.may.1805/media_set?set=a.10200983922389192.1073741835.1500643766&type=3

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