TV Review: Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Doctor Who Christmas special, and this one was extra special because it was Matt Smith’s last to make way for the twelfth (technically thirteenth) incarnation, Peter Capaldi. The last time we saw the Doctor was the fiftieth Anniversary special we saw him triumphantly save Gallifrey with the help of his other incarnations with the plan to find his newly hidden Gallifrey.    

In this episode we saw the Doctor stuck in space getting saved by some sort of space church and ending up in a village called Christmas on the planet of Trenzalore, the last battle of the time war and the Doctor’s final resting place. It had a slight Christmas theme with his latest assistant Clara attempting to make Christmas dinner and asking the Doctor to act as her boyfriend at the family Christmas dinner. The episode attempts to tie up the loose ends of eleven’s story arc where all of time and space are, again, asking the question Doctor who? Who is he? The Doctor has tried to make up for the siege of Trenzalore by protecting it now from all of his old enemies such as the weeping, cyber-men, sontarans and of course the daleks who have all been following the message to Trenzalore.  We finally learn that the crack in the wall, which has been following the Doctor all through time and space, is in fact the pocket universe where Gallifrey is hidden.  So it’s the time lords who sent the message through time and space. However the Doctor knows that this is not the time for them to return for fear that the events of the battle would take place again. In the end the Doctor finally grows old and in his final battle with the daleks he almost dies until Clara pleads with the time lords to allow him to regenerate. Which he is granted so that the Doctor doesn’t die at the hand of his enemies whilst defeating them in a blaze of glory. The Doctor can now fully forgive himself for the events which took place at the siege of Trenzalore and is forgiven by the time lords as he was granted another regeneration. All in all it was a sad end to Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor, a truly great Doctor who really brought the character to life. However like most of the episodes that Matt has starred in, the episode was a bit of a mess. It wasn’t the easiest to follow, there didn’t seem to be a real plot and it seemed as if they just tried to bung in as many short appearances from everyone as possible. It also felt a bit like you were constantly waiting for something to happen but it just didn’t, plus, the regeneration was so instantaneous you almost missed it.  But who knows, all I hope is that unless it gets better very soon maybe it’s time that Doctor Who should be buried in Trenzalore?   Valentina Serra