Skincare Tips to Make Your Skin Winter-Proof

We’re in the midst of January and I’m sure by now we’re all feeling the wear and tear of winter skin. Dry face? check, chapped lips? Check, general grey, miserable complexion? Check. So though I can’t work miracles I have got a bit of information about products I’ve tried, tested and loved as well as some general, make-my-skin-winter-proof tips.

Other than the obvious drink more water answer, the best thing to sort your skin out is a good moisturiser. Try and moisturise with a day and night cream everyday to cover all of your skins needs. In the morning, a light refreshing SPF infused moisturiser is perfect not only to wake up the skin but to create a barrier between the skin and the hidden, but still there, sun. The low budget option I’d go for is the Boots Botanics range, full of organic ingredients with ranges to cater for all skin types from sensitive and dry to oily or combination skin. Personally I’ve tested out and enjoyed using their ultra calm for sensitive skin range which contains all of the necessary skin care bits and bobs, from day cream with SPF 15 to a skin relief serum, which though aimed at sensitive skin may be worth purchasing for those of you with combination skin to fight extra dryness in the colder months.

However if you’re willing to pay a bit more then I’d do some research into Origins. Sometimes you do pay for what you get and the Origins GinZing energy boosting moisturiser is heavenly. With a citrus, slightly Jaffa cake like, scent it feels refreshing and soaks into the skin in no time so there’s no sticky residue when it comes to applying your make-up. Also, though the price is a little steep, it does cater for AM and PM so it’s double the product for your money. The only down side is there is no SPF but you can always purchase a facial SPF, a foundation/tinted moisturiser with SPF and there are even finishing powders with SPF (all of which you may already have in your make-up bag).

I wouldn’t recommend using too much on your face in the morning, a good moisturiser should do the trick. And since the area around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive on your face maybe using a hydrating roller ball or eye cream, available in both of the brands mentioned above, should leave your eyes looking more refreshed and feeling less tight or irritated. Heavier eye creams may be better to use in your before bed skincare routine so they have time to soak in and work wonders over night.

At night it’s important to make sure your skin is clean. Residue from your daytime make up can clog up pours and dry out the skin. The Body Shop aloe range has a brilliant cleansing lotion that not only sorts out your make up removal but helps to hydrate the skin in a gentle and calming way. Again they can be a little pricey but keep your eye out for the continuous sales and deals The Body Shop often have going on or invest in one of their beauty cards for 10% off each purchase as well as money off deals on certain transactions.

For night creams Botanic’s and Origins are again my brands of choice. Origins especially with their High-potency Night-A-Mins renewal cream, which is thick and heavy when first applied but sinks into the skin leaving it looking healthy and feeling soft and hydrated. It includes ingredients rich in nutrients specifically effective in replenishing broken and lacklustre skin.

Finally a quick little mention for lips. I’ve tried so many lip products over the years with little to no effect. Vaseline was no good, carmex made my lips worse and even the Clinique lip balm left me disappointed. But the Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula lip balm, the cheapest of the lot is the only thing I’d recommend to people for their lips. It doesn’t look like anything special when applied, it just gives a glossy effect but it does leave lips soft and relieved both when it’s on and when its worn off. It also works as a good moisturising base if you’re wanting to wear lipstick.

I hope some of these recommendations help you on your quest for the perfect looking winter skin but remember that everyone’s skin is different so it may take a little experimentation to find the right product for you. It’s also worth mentioning that none of the products I’ve recommended are tested on animals and all include natural, earthy ingredients for the best in providing nutrients for your skin.


Nicole Robson

  • Sharon

    I love a product called CapriClear that is an all natural coconut oil moisturizer. It really helps with dry skin and gives immediate relief for this type of skin concern.