The Body Shop: Haul and Review

Over Christmas I had a pretty big splurge in Body Shop. Here are my reviews on the products I bought.

Smokey Eye Palette

This is probably the best £7 I ever spent on make up! The 4 colours are beautiful and are the perfect tones to create a killer smokey eye. All the tones have a slight shimmer to them – perfect for a night out and the dark brown is ideal if you want something softer than a pencil or liquid eye liner.

Each shade looks great on its own and the lightest shade is ideal in the inner corners of your eye to brighten them. It also comes with mini brushes, one normal and one angled which makes the colours much easier to apply and blend.

Radiant Highlighter

This highlighter isn’t as great as I thought it would be but it’s still a great product. The cream has a great glow to it but quite a lot of shimmer so you only need a tiny amount – about half a pea size! I apply with my fingers and then blend with a brush to calm some of the shimmer that it has. Because you only need a tiny amount the tube will last forever so it’s worth the money. Next time I need a highlight I think I’ll try a powder to get a softer look.




Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation

I’ve used the Body Shop foundation since last summer when I was given a voucher.  I would say it has medium to high coverage and feels light on the skin. The liquid is fairly runny so you need one small pump to cover your face but its definitely a buildable foundation. The one thing they could improve is the range of shades – they are mostly brown based rather than pink which is a problem for us paler girls!

I use the Eco Tools foundation brush to apply it however I think a fluffier foundation brush would be better to apply it with so that it blends into the skin better.


Tea Tree Concealer

This product was a complete let down – it has very little coverage and isn’t creamy when you apply it so it is very difficult to get the product onto your face! There isn’t much more I can say about this product!






Liquid Eyeliner

I’m a bit of a novice to liquid eyeliner – I seem to always smudge it or its uneven but I bought this product in the hope that I would learn to get better at it! If you struggle with liquid eyeliner I would definitely recommend this product – the brush is easy to use and it’s easy to keep a steady hand with the brush.

Advice – The one thing I would say about Body Shop is that it is quite expensive but they consistently have money off deals so just keep an eye out – I never buy any of the products full price! At the moment they have 25% off.

Georgia Benney