5 People You Will Spot in the Library

On a daily basis the boots library can play host to all kinds of mysterious creatures and beings. Once through the rapidly revolving doors and forever beeping barriers, you never know who you might find lurking by the printer or crying in the corner – and we aren’t just talking about the librarians. There are 5 types of students you are guaranteed to find every single time you manage to drag yourself there.

The Panicker
They normally have a deadline either in the next few hours, or the following day. Their hair is sticking up in odd positions, mascara streaking down their face and smell of desperation.

The Procrastinator
They also could have a looming deadline, but instead of doing any work make it their mission to distract everyone else. Can be seen tweeting, facebooking and snapchatting, telling everyone who will listen how hard they are working.

The Huffer and Puffer
They sigh repeatedly and complain loudly about how difficult their course is compared to everyone one else’s. The paper in front of them is in a constant state of flight due to excess huffing.

The Comfort Eater
They move every half an hour to visit Starbucks, the SU shop, or Tesco to buy constant supplies. They stink out the whole silent area eating an egg mayo sandwich very very loudly.

The Music Guy
You get yourself settled in the red zone in full concentration mode and the boy next to you has had an urge to listen to some hard core scremo music at full volume. You spend the next few hours in wonder of their indestructible eardrums.


Kate Parker

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