Need Some Motivation?

It’s cold, dark and raining outside, you had too many vodkas last night, and bed is the comfiest place ever. You really can’t be bothered to go to uni. It’s a common fight for all students and luckily for you, here are five ways to win the war:

1. Did you go to all your lectures yesterday and fit in a cheeky gym session too? Reward yourself by pressing snooze more often. Have a crunchie after doing hours of law revision and go for a glass of wine (or four) with your friends after a particularly dull lecture.

2. You may have started Trent this year but you’re most likely (like the rest of us) already thinking about your future, whether it’s travelling around the world, or landing your dream job. But being rejected for having a 2.2 instead of a 1st, or having to wait another year until you get to skydive in Australia because you failed a year, would be pretty bad. The harder you work during the time you’re at uni, the sooner you’ll be education free.

3. Seminars where the class’s response to a question is silence isn’t a day at Thorpe park. Accept it’s not going to be easy but you got through it last week, and can get through it this week.

4. How crap did it feel after failing your driving test and being the passenger whilst your friends drove you around. You’ll feel the same when your housemates pass their exams, or graduate and you don’t. Remember your past failures and make sure you’re one of the achievers.

5. The four week old essay may feel like Mount Everest, so start small by climbing the Malvern Hills – clean you room, or do your washing up. Once you’ve got going, you’ll feel motivated.

Kate Parker

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