‘NekNomination’ does good?

It might have taken the media a while to catch up with the NekNomination craze, but since it hit the news it seems to have changed the way people are viewing the game. Although first making headlines for all the wrong reasons when sadly the deaths of young people began being connected to the game (covered previously on Platform), the latest twist in the ever-growing trend is people using it as a platform for good.

Participants seemed bored of everyone going one step further in an attempt to impress viewers, and with growing numbers of reports coming out regarding the dangers surrounding the game, a chain of people doing good deeds and nominating others to do so spread fast.

The acts of kindness vary from offering money to the homeless and nominating a friend to follow, to buying someone lunch, spending time talking to them, then nominating every viewer to do the same.  While unfortunately not every viewer will follow suit, even if 1 in every 100 do this it will do a lot of good.

Companies or campaigns have also joined the band of good doers using the craze to spread their message. Breast Cancer awareness charity ‘Coppafeel’ are advocating ‘ChekNomination’, where you perform a self-examination and nominate friends to do the same, others are donating blood and encouraging others to step up.

This wave of positivity surrounding a game that has been placed under a dark cloud, along with the generation of its players is just what is needed to show the good that happens everyday through the work of young people and social media.

 Mel Brooks

Deputy News Editor


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