‘NekNomination’ Kills Two

Today news broke that yet another social media craze has been taken too far. The trend in question is ‘NekNomination’, this involves filming yourself ‘necking’ a pint of alcohol and on finishing nominating someone else to do the same, or better.  Players post the videos to social media making this a worldwide sensation in a matter of days.

The nature of social media is that the more views, likes or shares a video gets somehow validates the person behind the post leading to people wanting to get crazier and crazier in order to reach viral status. This means stronger alcohol, mixed up concoctions and drinking the pint from dangerous locations.

Unfortunately, due to the ‘out do’ nature of the game, it has now sadly been linked with the death of two men.

The first report came after DJ Ross Cummins (22), was found by his flat mates on Saturday morning, allegedly after downing a whiskey drink in an earlier game of ‘NekNomination’. Just hours after Cummins was sadly found, another Irish man, Jonny Byrne (19), fell into a river in Co Carlow leading to him sadly also passing.

Following Jonny’s death his brother took to Facebook to urge players to stop and consider the consequences before trying the game. After originating in the UK the game is now worldwide and is spreading faster than the news of the dangers of the game, we can only hope that these two will be isolated cases and the internet will have moved on to another, less dangerous craze very soon.

Mel Brooks

Deputy News Editor

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