NTU RaG – Winners of ‘Touch It’ crowned after 14 hours and 56 minutes

On Friday NTU’s Student Union played host to RaG’s ‘Touch It’. With the grand prize being a four-person trip to Ibiza, students were eager to get down to the SU and do their bit for charity.

Susie Ib, the Vice President of Raising and Giving week at Nottingham Trent, had this to say: “Touch It is an endurance test, they basically have to keep one hand on the object for as long as they can… And there are prizes to win!”

In this instance the ‘object’ that contestants had to keep their fingers on was actually two giant inflatable hands. One hand saw students competing for the holiday to Ibiza, whilst the other saw contestants vying for free tour tickets. Susie estimated that around fifty students had shown up to take part.

With so many people standing in one place for an extended period of time, one has to wonder what the contestants did for food, drinks and toilet breaks.

Susie explained: “They have toilet breaks, which are a health and safety regulation and contestants can also eat and drink, as long as they keep one hand on the object!”

Event staff could be seen taking food and water down to the ‘Touch It’ contestants at various intervals throughout the day

Susie was eager to express her desire to top the record set in the previous year.

“Last year the event lasted for eight hours, so we are hoping to top that this year and last a little bit longer!”

As the event drew to a close the Trent RaG twitter account (@TrentRAG) was posting up-to-the-minute updates on the competition: “We’ve lost about 7 people by playing Simon Says!”

At 2:34am, 14 hours and 34 minutes after the event had gotten under way, ‘Touch It’ crowned its first group of winners; Jake Beeson, Jack Greaves, Victoria Murino-Starling and Laury Potiomkinas had all won the free tour tickets that were up for grabs.

22 minutes later not one but TWO people, Ben Compton and James King, were declared the dual winners of the holiday for four to Ibiza. @TrentRAG proclaimed: “We’re done! Two joint winners for the Ibiza trip! #deals.” ‘Touch It’ had outdone itself with contestants lasting 14 hours, 56 minutes and 16 seconds, almost a full six hours longer than participants had done in the previous year.

A number of RaG events are taking place over the next couple months, so don’t hesitate to get yourself over to the Trent Students website to find out when and where you can get involved!

Joe Harby

Deputy Editor of Trent News






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